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Hey you guys and gals friends and pals it’s time to take a bow because here there is no such thing as throw in the towel Space Age Rage is well into its wisdom truth and harmony only gotten there by path or disloyalty and disharmony if anyone ask you what army you say this army, the Volunteer Army at Make Bold Moves and Space Age Rage as we take center stage we are the new generation the new age rage we are the generation to turn the page to be let loose from our cage allowed to ripen and sweeten with age

Here GET YOUR GEAR👍🏼🦻🏼can you hear me now no more need for a tear and you could still have your 🍺 your life you must never show any fear and let me say we always make things clear we do our best but can’t always make bad things disappear haul ass out of town never looking to our rear view mirror it can’t be more clearer it’s fool proof fool watch my interior wait snd now my exterior do you have the criteria or do your just have diarrhea of the gums back down you know who is inferior heart as cold as Siberia you don’t know you don’t live up to the curricular warn you never no warning shots if your in my perimeter

Our centrifugal force is always a little corse but do not force let it flow let it all go to and fro heather and yonder where this dream leads me to is what I always ponder this is all fate there is no blunder we will spit thunder and crap lightning we will make it extra frightening feel that noise choking and tightening it truly is a hollowed sighting if you see a ghost get it in writing it also has to do a lot with lighting as we are our souls are a spark of electricity during the miracle of conception birth and binding given by two to one or more each with individual sparks or did they share one spark❓❗️ Who the hell freaking knows but we should have better concepts that what we have snd or evidence and if the government is hiding shit from us then god damn it we want to know o know the Vatican says the truth could send the world into chaos I know why because we are genetically altered and improved by an advanced Extraterrestrial species using us as a resource we did anything the “Gods” said to do but were they in fact gods this is where all religion comes from God came down from the heavens and made mankind in his likeness well ET came down also from the heavens and genetically engineered our very DNA and or bred with us as cavemen like creatures dumb and ignorant but curious and dumb however there at that time because they were the smartest and the brightest strongest and tuffest brutal and cause a ruckus go the longest made us better stronger and faster smarter through DNA manipulation to be smart enough to not realize that they are ETs and not God and just dumb enough to keep believers they are God and they created you and your intelligence promising humanities longevity with intelligence and security they take care of you and have all you need but it’s a state of mind the ETs had to maintain with the humans they could never give up the fact they they are indeed ETs and not God the humans would then believe they are wronged and tricked and taken advantaged of them call mutiny and because the ETs are used to a different gravitational pull on their original planet perhaps they were too weak to mine gold snd natural resources needed for their mothership to continue to their next destination on their universal intergalactic journey we basically a gas station for the ETs and humanity is a resource used and fooled to believe they were God every corner of the Earth there are religious beliefs all amazingly similar all amazingly familiar remember who is superior and inferior brought your criteria❓‼️❓💯💀🌎🤙🏽💨😎🍺🎼🙃

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You see, the way I see existence In our universe our significance and or insignificance within our solar system our galaxy I would know if you were that lies within an infinite amount of other galaxies they literally go on forever at light speed for a few years you would never cross the whole of the universe. The universe is a self sustainable and decentralized controlled atmosphere closed system self sustain slowly deterioration in controlled chaos all ultimately victims of entropy, down to the last atom that makes up everything. do universe is one of many universes so if all galaxies are within a universe what is all universes within universe of the universe is? We are human like to pretend that we are of some higher significance but in all reality are insignificance is the ultimate deciding factor our faith we are what we live for why we go we are not even in comparison to the sands of the world how many grains of sand are there in the world if comparison to the universe our bodies we as people or not even an atom of a grain of sand we’re nothing our time in our existence our consciousness I’m very busy self identity how we present ourselves our education who we are where we live or we come from what we’ve experienced in life are scores with bones were broken we all eat sleep and shit the same. There is a word that starts with the letter in that is very dissed tasteful and disrespectful to our African-American or dark skin brothers and the definition of the word is ignorance. In my point of you I think that anyone can be that word a red man or yellow man, a Brown man or hell even a purple man he would have to come from outer space I would think. I don’t know if the purple man will have all the same anatomy as we do but if intelligence is anything like ours and he would communicate with us and be friendly with us then. we are all the same we all have blue blood before it exits the body hitting oxygen causing it to turn on the room cover we all had to take a dump just like if each and everyone of us will cry sleep eat brush our teeth all the same we drive vehicles the same way we walk it’s all the same upright homoerrectus Netherlands Cromagnon man evolved from walking grasslands to reach up into the fruit trees for forage on natures sweet treats so walking upright for distances to gather as hunter gatherers eventually evolution transformed the hip bones from an animal of all fours to upright and also curving toes like apes have how they stick out instead of forward and straight for upright posture. We somehow went from 38 or 40 chromosomes and two sex species then to 40 and then 42 chromosomes. Somewhere in there the light switch of consciousness was clicked on as well as intelligence to greater our chances of survival as a barely hanging on species. We killed the other humanoid species with out bigger brain. Now we are 44+2 going on 46+2. What will that human advancement be? Telepathically speak with one another minds with the intelligence of the Internet.


What is time? An undefined rhyme? What we rarly realize is the true definition of the actual concept of time and space, reality and and it’s physics. It is all a man realization of out actual cosmic journey in which in harmonic but eratic relations between our planet and the sun. For as long as mankind has been around, at least on this planet, we have been awestruck and obsessed with the planets, the sun and our solar system. We once believed that the sun, or in ancient times called Sol which is where the term Solar System originated and the center of all creation that makes us be, was a god. It’s power and it’s unimaginable and seemingly impossibility of reality seems to most to be so far from anything we could possibly imagine to be realistic. Many mistake galaxies or star systems as to be all considered Solar Systems but in all actuality the sun and its group of planets which make up our Milky Way is actually the only one with this name and it is named after our original name for it, Sol so this makes us the only one named Solar System. All stars are different. There are super giants and there are small ones which live longer than the biggest stars. The bigger ones take much more fuel but burns it faster then it eventually runs out much like our star, the sun, will around 5.5 billion years from now but starting to run out of hydrogen, which makes nuclear fusion possible, around 1.5 billion from now. It will get cranky as we do when we are hungry as it will pitch a fit expanding enough to swallow Earth and all planets or anything in it’s way up to and potentially even Mars. The hydrogen will begin to diminish as when it’s gone that is it, it implodes back in on itself. The hydrogen remaining on it’s surface becomes too heavy for it’s byproduct in which it leaves behind after spent which is lighter than the hydrogen and the stars helium can no longer support the hydrogens weight therefore it will fall in on itself all the way to its core going from supermassive to just it’s core in a supernova, the only known largest explosion we know of besides the big bang which we are still being effected by today and will feel until, in my theory, the force from the blast dies and stops pushing everything from it’s epicenter. Then it stops for a split second and all the dark matter that holds it all together like a rubber and will either pop or break and everything will just fall into spaces unknown all ending in a cold futureless death. Or, it will stop for a second when the rubber band is stretched to it’s max and implodes back in on itself again as it’s done an infinite amount of times before and will an infinite amount of times after. It all in a flash will implode back to the center or the epicenter where it with infinite pressure and density contract an infinite amount of density causing infinite amounts of friction which we all know creates infinite amounts of heat until critical mass is reached and it, BOOM, another Big Bang is initiated to restart it’s whole cycle again. Everything we know runs in cycles, from a woman’s menstrual cycle, the moon and the tides, the sun and the Earth creating days that add up to 365 per year counted by how long it takes for the Earth to complete a rotation on it’s axis with it’s surface facing the sun creating a 24 hour day and then the Earths time it takes to circle around the sun completing one full rotation to get a 365, 24 hour a day year. This is our concept of a year and each and every star system are different as to the timing so to really think about it of aliens ever did pay this floating revolving blue marble called Earth then their day, if they even go by the solstices on their planet, might be a 100 hour day if their planet revolved on it’s axis and takes 100 hours to make a full rotation. This making it slower than Earth and depending on girth will depend on the level of gravity. So, our ancient ancestor that improved our make and model to a better intellectually equipped brain to go along with out muscle, which the ETs seen as a strength against them and must never allow us to figure it all out as we would declare mutany against our deceivers and take back our lives stopping the mining and the ETs stranded and hated by a stronger and now intelligent species. The ET’s would consider this a disaster to their mission and


We have had a bit of confusion over, the beginning of all things, theory of Space Age Rage’s founder Piers Grey. This is a rewritten version.

The beginning of all things, of all time, of all and everything that we know of to be real and true is one of the biggest and longest ongoing conundrums in the history of the human species. We are, for whatever reason or another, a species with amnesia because we know nothing of our past, our planets past, our universe’s past or existence. T

o be quite honest we actually do not k ow much of anything really. Why is this? Why is there only limited amounts of historical records? Why is our species so different from anything else that we know of and so mysterious in nature?

We have limited historical DNA or fossil records that really only goes back 200,000 years. Lucy, a partial fossil of a humanoid that walked on two feet, is said to be the closest long distance relative to human kind and is believed through carbon data testing to be about two million years old.

Somewhere, if Darwinism and science is accurate, in time we developed from a creature with a big toe off to the side to migrate straight and forward. We went from four legged creatures to two legged creatures and to develop this evolutionary trait it would have taken hundreds of thousands of evolutionary years for our DNA and our anatomy to develop the correct pelvic and hip joints, rotary cup, and all the proper features for us to be able to not only stand up but also walk distances on two legs. We fundamentally developed this feature for the simple reason and fact that first of all it makes us faster to escape predators on two legs. Second of all we spent a lot of our time foraging for food so in order to reach fruits in a tree we stood up on our two feet to reach them. In this time we, instead of switching from four to two every time we needed to move a little for the next pick we just stayed on two and moved that way. This over thousands of years created out two legged anatomy and eventually walking or traveling distances easier as well as more efficiently.

There is the Bible explanation and then there are scientific explanations. There are wild guesses and then there are educated theories that has had hours or years of thought put forth into it.

There is what I believe and what I call as my God theory where in short our ancient dim witted, but not dumb, simpleminded and easily fooled or gullible ancestors.

They had way different ways of thinking and way different thought processes as far as what they thought of when the subject extraterrestrial brings come into their conception. Perhaps most of them never thought of that as a possibility because then Earth was the only world and we were specially made beings of a divine being.

When they witnessed extracurricular vehicles descend upon Earth and little grey men emerged from it with technology that they never could conceive as anything other than godly, they immediately worshiped them as gods.

God descended from the heavens from the sky’s and created mankind in his likeness doing all these miraculous things like creating woman from the mans rib and creating us out of clay. Now this version.

Extraterrestrial beings descended from the heavens and either bred with humans or more likely scrambled or DNA only to reassemble it, perhaps with a little fairy dust extras, to make us better, smarter, stronger, and whatever was needed for them to accomplish this goal for their use. Sound familiar?

Why did they do this? Who knows, but you can bet your ass that they did not just do this for shits and giggles.

Either their species was dying and this was a way of ensuring their bloodlines live on by manipulating, mixing with their own, interbreeding, whatever to create a species with their bloodline capable of living and surviving here on Earth where they could not without noticeable apparatuses.

Perhaps they were mining for something, natural resources, energy products, or perhaps gold. This would explain our fascination with the shiny substance.

Perhaps we were just a usable resource on a gold rich planet in which could be utilized for the actual extraction of the resources. They seen how immature our species and evolutionary development was and that we saw them as gods so they used that to their advantage to take the easy road to achieve their endeavors.

We were smart enough to manipulate into a better, smarter, stronger, able to take and apply direst orders for their goal achievements. However, they were careful not to make us too smart that we’d catch on to their addenda and declare mutiny and that would be disastrous because they’d have to destroy us or secretly extract all the ore themselves.

That was too much hard work for them. Perhaps we did eventually catch on and that’s why they left ultimately as by then they had plenty of gold to go around. We were developed into a perfect slave race for them and they seen it as they did us a favor.

In essence, in fact, they indeed did because giving us the critical advancement in our slow evolutionary climb may have saved the overall life of our species in general. If they hadn’t perhaps we would have fell victim to any number of circumstances that would otherwise have depleted our species into extinction.

Darwin was a renowned evolutionary chain or climb for any and all species over the millennia through fossil records. Finding fossils all the way through to the dinosaur days and all throughout Earths life form history, he was criticized by the Catholic Church and religious believers as the dinosaurs were never a part of the plan in the Bible.

According to the church dinosaurs were not supposed to even have existed, but here were all these fossils laying around.

They are also all contaminated with radioactive poisoning. So much in fact that they have to be painted with layers of led paint in order to be handled safely by any living biological creature.

What on Earth could have irritated these fossils back in Jurassic times? Did a higher power or highly technologically advanced species of extraterrestrial deploy nuclear weapons to destroy the big lizards to make room for a bigger and better plan? The human plan? Did they bring us from another world to be their ultimate slave race to do all their dirty work for them then when done were abandoned here on this planet? Did they happen, out of the goodness of their hearts, to actually plan this to see us thrive and grow or give us the opportunity to make this planet our own and flourish as an intelligent species? Is this perhaps a prison planet for our species for being idiots on a grander planet of originality with two different intelligent species, one more so than the other?

The possibility’s are endless and I could sit here all day and try explain shit but that does not much good.

Our ancients experienced otherworldly beings and technology they couldn’t explain, declared it all to be of divine powers, this is where religion was created.

All the mysterious ancient mega-structures around the world that we can not duplicate or explain, technology found that should not have been, artifacts and depictions of occurrences, otherworldly species besides human, fossils, futuristic but ancient things that should not exist and all the things that leave us left without words on Earth happened in times we know nothing of. Perhaps these events were done by another species of human or other species all together.

Tales of giants, cyclops, Amazon women tribes, fairies, trolls, goblins, and so many other legends of mysterious or mystical entities said to have existed are rampant.

Are these really tall tales and legends, stories to scare children from doing bad. Yes, I’m some cases like the story of hell I believe is to an extent but throughout history, history has proven us wrong time and time again.

History and these stories always tend to have some truth to or behind them. Evidence has shown on many occasions that these stories may have actually had some truth to them.

Example, for instance, the story of David and Goliath! Could this biblical scene really have taken place? Real life giants are real and many archeological dig sites have given and proven through actual specimens of bones and graves of giant people. There are remains of a cyclops and all other supposed mythological creatures that have been found. Most in the 19th century in large numbers but only to be covered up by the powers that be for reasons unknown.

These mysterious places that have us scratching our heads at in disbelief and that we can not replicate, and there are many around the world, were in many situations created before we actually think, way before.

The dinosaurs were exterminated for way of humans by the help of a higher technological species. But, the civilization that this grew into, with the help of the same higher powers and their technologies, a near perfect, highly developed and extremely successful society of many different intelligent life forms. Then a cataclysmic event took place of some kind and near wiped out all life and/or only a select few chosen ones were saved by being warned and told what to do. Perhaps it was another alien species that was jealous, wanted what was achieved and wouldn’t be given easily, an enemy, a species that Earth didn’t see eye to eye with, or whatever the case may be so they devised a plan to exterminate Earths population again for their own.

Something is definitely up with the Moses story and I believe this and/or he was the catalyst or brains of this operation. He parted the Red Sea so that the Hebrews could be saved from the Roman Army and Empire, they wondered the desert for forty years and were hundreds or thousands amongst them, he claimed a mountain to talk to a burning bush and was given the code of ethics all man should follow written in stone tablets and called the Ten Commandments, told to build a large

Ark and collect an impossible two of each kind of animal and plant species on Earth, both sex’s. First parting a sea is one hell of a feat then cross it and when in the other side close it on the enemy drowning them all. Second, crossing a desert and spending a lifetime of 40 years with them numbers of people with no food or water? This is a terrain that literally will take a fully healthy and hydrated human with a full canteen of water to start the day and be dead by the end of the day without proper living condition essentials to survive the desert.

They carried the “Ark of the Covenant,” a gold box carried by two persons with the sword of King Arthur, a strange unknown mechanism that produced a substance, that kept them all alive daily, called Mana? Also, held the broken Ten Commandments stone tablets all inside.

This box would make anyone that came into contact with it sick with radiation poisoning like sickness and death. Their fingernails and toenails would fall out, develop legions on their shin that bled, bled from every orifice of their bodies, hair fell out and every exact symptom we see today in radioactive poisoning victims. What was this Mana? How did they tread the desert without getting swollen feet, sunburning, dehydration, or any sign of heat exposure to the elements? They looked as though they never were there when they finally arrived at their final destination.

Who was Moses? Really? A burning bush? Was this extraterrestrials snd/or was he one and the enforcer of this species? He has all these powers then knew a great flood was going to take place covering and wiping out the surface of the planet?

He has to be part of this ultimate plan or scheme to exterminate the “evil” human species in order to claim the planet as their own. Did we actually come from and are these extraterrestrial beings and descendants of Moses being that we are here today and have no clue as to what our history is, where we come from, or anything about the planets actually past?

Is this why we have no clue and find it super mysterious that these ancient ruins could have ever been constructed by us as a species in the remote past? Perhaps this is why we have no recollection of any technology used to build these places or could even fathom our having any hand in any of it deeming it impossible because it’s impossible today and can not explain any of it?

Moses built this superhuman large Ark almost alone for the collection of all planet and animal species on Earth? How did he do this, this would be a feat near impossible for us to do today!? He would have had to travel years on end from continent to continent, surviving mostly the most inhospitable territory and places on Earth that most, even seasoned and experienced experts don’t survive for one reason or another, and collect them transport keeping them alive all back to one place, the Ark site.

Some of these species expire easily and die outside their habitat, some super deadly and venomous, some that will eat you at any given chance and so many other different specialties for the care and safe handling of them to be considered!? This is impossible and I never believed this crap for a skinny minute and I always felt that these people attempting to convince me of this to be true was insulting my intelligence therefore looked down and resented them. One reason the church lefts a bad taste in my mouth it like when they tried to tell me that the dinosaurs never existed!?

What was the placing of millions of fossil species from all over the world that scientifically has been proven to have taken millions or billions of years to develop, go through the process of evolution, and existed and thrives on Earth.

They are found on thousands of the planets natural record layering of sediment that classifies each to a specific and precise and accurate tome frame that all span millions of years.

We’re they put here as a joke and what effort of what kind of divine being of supernatural powers and abilities would be responsible and capable of an impossible feat such as that? And only to confuse and fool a simple minded species of species such as us? What pleasure would they get from that? With this level of advancement and civilization perfected beings I doubt they would even consider us intelligent much less even notice us to give us a second look.

They would probably see us and continue on their way much like when we see a stick and continue with life. We see it but most the time we never notice it or even realize it a minute later as life of interest happens all around us. The stick is insignificant and is as though we never seen it at all.

Before the global catastrophe that caused a species to forget everything they ever known or knew there were great and powerful societies. We are stupid to believe that we are the first and only intelligent and technologically sound and advanced to ever grace this planet. The ruins say differently.

Moses and his Ark with his species collecting is a load of bullshit for real people. To an extent, that is. One thing that I do agree would make this a logical and plausible event would be that the fact that the Ark wasn’t built to hold the actual species of every type of living creature on Earth.

Instead, think along the lines of seed bank implications. This is a potentially ongoing mission by a species wanting to take over the planet for themselves.

They make the plans of how to do this using natural resources, only thing that always confused me, if this is the actual facts in which happened, is where did all the water that flooded the whole earth covering the tallest mountains, which is way up there in altitude, come from?

We have a lot of water, I mean a lot, here in the planet as we speak but not nearly enough to cover that much space and ground. That would take a lot of water. Where did it come from? Where did it then go?

Anyway, this species, is possibly, come here on a very small number with the intention of saving our own species maybe escaping a dying sun or something like that. We got the plan of how to do this. We have the motive, because earthlings are evil and dirty. We secretly collect, over the course of several decades possibly, the DNA of all known species and all seeds from all known planets on earth.

It’s a long grueling task but honestly every single species does not have to me included. The important ones are the easy ones and the ones that will ensure potential food or having any thing to do with the survival of the species post-cataclysm.

So the Ark does not have to be rediculiously big or potentially too big to be possible. It don’t take as much room to store DNA tubes and seed boxes. The ship does, however, need to be big enough and well built enough to endure the oncoming storm thrashings that will take place. The Moses sees a dove with a green leaf and branch in its mouth and that means land. The top of a mountain top peak is landed on and the rebuilding of a new day in age, new species, and new reseeding of the planet all starting with Moses and his few select shipmates. This could explain the total forgetting of the past civilizations as Moses didn’t care about the civilizations he helped to wipe out all he cared about was that they accomplished their mission and have successfully taken over a planet and taking it all for themselves. Now the only past is with him and his family as they repopulated the world.

So now that partial discussion of the human kinds mystery past is out the way, what about the universe?

It is quite simple in my eyes really. I hear all the theories but this is how I see it as a comprehensible and an understanding as possible. This is how it would make since to me.

Theories and educated guessing by experts with degrees claim one way it all was created was first the fact that it was indeed created. Out of nothing, inside of nothing, all things we know and more was created by a spontaneous singularity that just appeared from nothing creating everything. It sparked the Big Bang sort of like atoms being split. We all know what happens when we split an atom, BOOM!

But this sounds all too much like a load of bull shit nonsense to me. I do not see how this is plausible. So, how to explain the actual creation of the universe? So, yes, there was a Big Bang in my version. Only, I believe that there has been an infinite amount of Big Bangs in the past and there will be an infinite amount of Big Bangs in the future.

How do I explain the beginning of all things? How do I see my reality? Yes entropy has much to do with how it all works and how it all is governed and will be governed but the full understanding is not at all understood I don’t believe, not by a long shot. The answer is there never was an actual beginning and never will there ever be an actual end.

The universe is also one big cycle inside potentially an even bigger cycle within an infinite number of universes. The universe dies to be born then is born to then again die. This is a cycle that completely just repeats itself for infinity.

This means there are an infinite amount of each one of us, infinite amount of planet Earths, infinite amount of everything and everything. Everything never ends.

So, the age old question of the chicken or the egg is in reality of no relativity or does not apply at all. This means that our universe also never had a beginning to its cycle and will never see an end so it is really unconceivable or unfathomable. Our minds can not grasp the true meaning to even begin to try to explain it in any way.

The universe however, does operate in a cycle, the biggest cycle of all, actually. All things that we know of, except an infinite universe or universes, revolves around a cycle you could set your watch by.

For example, a woman’s maternal clock, the tides in relation to the moon, time it takes for the Earth to rotate one time facing the sun as a day, the complete orbit of the Earth once around the sun as year, planets around the sun, the sun completing a complete rotation around the galaxy, so on and so forth.

The universe begins an infinite amount of times with the Big Bang, then, with the help of the universes superglue or dark matter, all matter from the epic center center point of the bang gets blown outwards. Once thought to be slowing down, it actually is speeding up being fueled by an invisible force, dark matter in which it is pushing it faster away from the center.

Eventually everything will reach a make or break point where the dark matter will either burst from the infinite stretching of its compounds and spill into the dark void of the unknown or it will implode. This is what happens I believe therefore explaining the infinity universe births and deaths.

Once it reaches its maximum point the dark matter rubber and or spiderweb beginning fast then coming slowing to a slowing down and then a complete stop for a split second. Then all things will implode and all return back to its epic center at the center of it all where the Big Bang happened and it will be violent.

As it all comes together everything infinite happens such as density, heat from density, and everything in this process is infinite until it comes to a breaking point and like an atom and again BOOM! Rebirth comes from its death over and over forever.

So it is truly the biggest, longest and truly an infinite cycle. Where almost all cycles eventually die, the universe will not. This is why the infinite theories are always set aside as science fiction. We grew up and live on a planet and in a galaxy where all we know have a birth day therefore, have a death. Everything lives and dies and the realization and imagination of the true meaning of this concept is not fathomable therefore, it is questioned and also cast out as a real possibility. We discard what we do not understand.


Hello one and all! I would like to present and share my book in which I excitedly published for you great people of the work back in August of 2019. It is called UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by piers Grey, my pen name, and I am happy to give you all here a small taste of its content. Our universe is full of wonder, mystery, the unknown, the things we could never fathom or know or understand with our small minuscule minds. This universe is way to huge to be able to fully understand even if our specie lives 100 billion years. Our universe is a dangerous and violent place and we are lucky to live in a fairly rare and docile place within its folds. But for how long will it last and will we be able to be “PLANET JUMPERS” as I discuss in the book why I think we actually are not originally from here and have in the remote past jumped from planet to planet only to somehow or someway become a species with amnesia and that known part of our history was erased. The universe is constantly consuming itself. Everywhere we look out into its vastness we find that constantly one thing or another is being destroyed, eaten by other entities, or being reborn only to one day perish again and it is a thing that appears to consistently and constantly happens everyday. The question is when is it out turn and can we escape to continue our humanly voyage through this vast void of death and destruction. Everything we know of is a cycle and is and will be recycled in an infinite and forever endeavor. Imagine what that means, to be eternal, to be infinite. Always was and always will. I discuss how this is and maybe, my theories on how it all works and how the universe itself is only just the biggest cycle there is and how it never ends.

I would hope and be excited if you would read the sample and then decide for yourself if you would be further interested to explore what is, what could be, and what might be amongst our vast vacuum of a void we live in called the universe.

It is fundamentally important to continuously challenge you mind and further expand and push it into a greater enlightenment. To constantly challenge your mind into thinking outside the box and accept the mystery of the possibility that things exist that some of us never think about and thinking of things that you never one would of until, perhaps, you read my book and many more to come.

I hope that you’ll give it and me a chance, come up with your own idea and theories concerning these ideas and thoughts about our history, the unknown, and the theories of what we don’t know. The possibilities of what may have happen and if, and I know some will and that’s fine, you have your own disagreements.

I would love for you to please share your definitive judgment and/or constructive feedback by going to Amazon, look up UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by Piers Grey, read the whole book to get the full understanding and concept of the writings, enjoy it, and then intelligently, honestly and throughly review it for your mental consumption. I would greatly love it and be respectfully thrilled to have your negative or positive feedback of the outcome.

I am further working on these concepts and subject matters to extend UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION into a series as I have much much more to come plus many other books as well including some books of poetry and rhymes, cool bolds, biography of my life and a disabled combat veteran and more, and more so please follow me and my writing career. I hope that all of you do as I have so much more to offer and couldn’t thank you more to have your full support so that I may continue doing so. I hope you enjoy the free gift I have for your reading enjoyment here today, accept my invite to an honest and only honest review, and I am able to gain your love and support for my love and support in writing.

Also, before I leave you to your reading enjoyment of UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION, whoever reads it in if full version on Kindle, which is available on all devices, and reviews it whether it’s a negative or positive as long as it is an honest one, will be entered into a drawing to pull 10 lucky names to receive a full copy of my book UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION printed in hardcover and signed my myself personally free of charge and free of shipping cost. I will also have a free full copy on ebook of my next and upcoming book for those who read and review it as well when it comes out. Thank you and I so hope you enjoy it and that I have you and your mind thinking outside the box and in ways you never once have before. ~Jude~ A.K.A. Piers Grey.

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