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Hey you guys and gals friends and pals it’s time to take a bow because here there is no such thing as throw in the towel Space Age Rage is well into its wisdom truth and harmony only gotten there by path or disloyalty and disharmony if anyone ask you what army you say this army, the Volunteer Army at Make Bold Moves and Space Age Rage as we take center stage we are the new generation the new age rage we are the generation to turn the page to be let loose from our cage allowed to ripen and sweeten with age

Here GET YOUR GEAR👍🏼🦻🏼can you hear me now no more need for a tear and you could still have your 🍺 your life you must never show any fear and let me say we always make things clear we do our best but can’t always make bad things disappear haul ass out of town never looking to our rear view mirror it can’t be more clearer it’s fool proof fool watch my interior wait snd now my exterior do you have the criteria or do your just have diarrhea of the gums back down you know who is inferior heart as cold as Siberia you don’t know you don’t live up to the curricular warn you never no warning shots if your in my perimeter

Our centrifugal force is always a little corse but do not force let it flow let it all go to and fro heather and yonder where this dream leads me to is what I always ponder this is all fate there is no blunder we will spit thunder and crap lightning we will make it extra frightening feel that noise choking and tightening it truly is a hollowed sighting if you see a ghost get it in writing it also has to do a lot with lighting as we are our souls are a spark of electricity during the miracle of conception birth and binding given by two to one or more each with individual sparks or did they share one spark❓❗️ Who the hell freaking knows but we should have better concepts that what we have snd or evidence and if the government is hiding shit from us then god damn it we want to know o know the Vatican says the truth could send the world into chaos I know why because we are genetically altered and improved by an advanced Extraterrestrial species using us as a resource we did anything the “Gods” said to do but were they in fact gods this is where all religion comes from God came down from the heavens and made mankind in his likeness well ET came down also from the heavens and genetically engineered our very DNA and or bred with us as cavemen like creatures dumb and ignorant but curious and dumb however there at that time because they were the smartest and the brightest strongest and tuffest brutal and cause a ruckus go the longest made us better stronger and faster smarter through DNA manipulation to be smart enough to not realize that they are ETs and not God and just dumb enough to keep believers they are God and they created you and your intelligence promising humanities longevity with intelligence and security they take care of you and have all you need but it’s a state of mind the ETs had to maintain with the humans they could never give up the fact they they are indeed ETs and not God the humans would then believe they are wronged and tricked and taken advantaged of them call mutiny and because the ETs are used to a different gravitational pull on their original planet perhaps they were too weak to mine gold snd natural resources needed for their mothership to continue to their next destination on their universal intergalactic journey we basically a gas station for the ETs and humanity is a resource used and fooled to believe they were God every corner of the Earth there are religious beliefs all amazingly similar all amazingly familiar remember who is superior and inferior brought your criteria❓‼️❓💯💀🌎🤙🏽💨😎🍺🎼🙃


A mother, a woman of despair and grief riddled mental disorder among her peers as an OUTSTANDING care giver of the elderly. An LPN fighting on the front lines putting her life and the lives around her at risk to save lives as well as make a living. These kind of people during the COVID-19 outbreak was out there in fear of contracting it while the media are screaming to stay home. They selfishly give up everything to save lives despite the actual outcome.

They personally know grief and pain, mystery and failure. The need to know it’s not there fault and that the are appreciated and we need them here.

I want all of you to please give a round of applause for one of the nurses LPN’s battling it still on the front lines taking fire from all directions. Looking death and fear in the eye and going 12 rounds or more toe to toe without flinching because of knowledge that if you show fear in the smallest way it’ll smell it on you. Then it’ll overwhelm you and swarm you conform you and disarm you of your only true protection, your poker face.

Encourage her to come forth she has lost a son and been through the ringer. She needs supporters and those with similar issues to which know her pain as only a parent could realize at the loss of your child. I can’t understand it but I can understand to an extent but unless you’ve experienced such loss you’ll never be allowed to relate on levels I know each other could.

Y’all begin a group a support group!

Oh! Okay! Words just in! BREAKING NEWS A NEW OFFICIAL WRITER JOINING HER FOR A JOURNEY of a mother’s never fully but somewhat repair. Also, ones fight against the crooked laws that governed the situation of her sons death.

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Hello one and all! I would like to present and share my book in which I excitedly published for you great people of the work back in August of 2019. It is called UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by piers Grey, my pen name, and I am happy to give you all here a small taste of its content. Our universe is full of wonder, mystery, the unknown, the things we could never fathom or know or understand with our small minuscule minds. This universe is way to huge to be able to fully understand even if our specie lives 100 billion years. Our universe is a dangerous and violent place and we are lucky to live in a fairly rare and docile place within its folds. But for how long will it last and will we be able to be “PLANET JUMPERS” as I discuss in the book why I think we actually are not originally from here and have in the remote past jumped from planet to planet only to somehow or someway become a species with amnesia and that known part of our history was erased. The universe is constantly consuming itself. Everywhere we look out into its vastness we find that constantly one thing or another is being destroyed, eaten by other entities, or being reborn only to one day perish again and it is a thing that appears to consistently and constantly happens everyday. The question is when is it out turn and can we escape to continue our humanly voyage through this vast void of death and destruction. Everything we know of is a cycle and is and will be recycled in an infinite and forever endeavor. Imagine what that means, to be eternal, to be infinite. Always was and always will. I discuss how this is and maybe, my theories on how it all works and how the universe itself is only just the biggest cycle there is and how it never ends.

I would hope and be excited if you would read the sample and then decide for yourself if you would be further interested to explore what is, what could be, and what might be amongst our vast vacuum of a void we live in called the universe.

It is fundamentally important to continuously challenge you mind and further expand and push it into a greater enlightenment. To constantly challenge your mind into thinking outside the box and accept the mystery of the possibility that things exist that some of us never think about and thinking of things that you never one would of until, perhaps, you read my book and many more to come.

I hope that you’ll give it and me a chance, come up with your own idea and theories concerning these ideas and thoughts about our history, the unknown, and the theories of what we don’t know. The possibilities of what may have happen and if, and I know some will and that’s fine, you have your own disagreements.

I would love for you to please share your definitive judgment and/or constructive feedback by going to Amazon, look up UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION by Piers Grey, read the whole book to get the full understanding and concept of the writings, enjoy it, and then intelligently, honestly and throughly review it for your mental consumption. I would greatly love it and be respectfully thrilled to have your negative or positive feedback of the outcome.

I am further working on these concepts and subject matters to extend UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION into a series as I have much much more to come plus many other books as well including some books of poetry and rhymes, cool bolds, biography of my life and a disabled combat veteran and more, and more so please follow me and my writing career. I hope that all of you do as I have so much more to offer and couldn’t thank you more to have your full support so that I may continue doing so. I hope you enjoy the free gift I have for your reading enjoyment here today, accept my invite to an honest and only honest review, and I am able to gain your love and support for my love and support in writing.

Also, before I leave you to your reading enjoyment of UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION, whoever reads it in if full version on Kindle, which is available on all devices, and reviews it whether it’s a negative or positive as long as it is an honest one, will be entered into a drawing to pull 10 lucky names to receive a full copy of my book UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION printed in hardcover and signed my myself personally free of charge and free of shipping cost. I will also have a free full copy on ebook of my next and upcoming book for those who read and review it as well when it comes out. Thank you and I so hope you enjoy it and that I have you and your mind thinking outside the box and in ways you never once have before. ~Jude~ A.K.A. Piers Grey.

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This is one of the best band to ever grace the planet with their genius and creativity. Musically, they are untouchable with doctorates in their fields of study as well as astrology and humanity and it’s nature.

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We as a people of Earth and a society with a sensational hunger for freedom and equality are actually a close minded species of followers without question. We see the things wrong with our society and creating unnecessary chaos and evil but rather look the other way and follow the heard to avoid attention onto itself. There is a man made entity that does not do what it was designed to do initially, instead has run amuck and spun out of control due to greed, power, and selfishness. What I’m talking about instilling fear into society making society look the other way using tactics like threats of imprisonment, taking away all comforts like ones home and property, even death in order to continue their deception and unlawful activity.

If we do not correct those of past errors learning form mistakes that don’t work we will never be ready to take our place in the galactic population in which we would not want to be deprived of because of ignorance. We need to open our blindfolds only covering our sight from what we already know and fix what’s broken our species will never reach our potential and go down in galactic history as the dumbest to ever live this long.

What is being the subject here and entity in which needs to be stopped is called the government. From the USA to every single governmental power on the planet, they are all despicable, originally great ideas of free thinking men who wanted peace and freedom, but, this idea has proven to be riddled with holes leaking the lawful idealistic reasons it was originally created for, leaving only the worst of mankind inside to hijack in a complete hostile takeover. This problem is the fact that politicians are allowed to stand before us every four years, here in the US, and make all kinds of promises with kind handshakes and the kissing of babies only to do nothing once behind the closed curtains at the end of their campaign. They in now, four years of doing whatever they want and collect a fat check while telling us to look at airplanes, that they orchestrated, hitting towers saying, oh no, with their hand in our pocket taking our last hard earned dollar and stuffing it into their, overflowing with 100 dollar bills,10,000 dollar suit pocket. At their feet are their brown nosing lower ranked political peers scooping up the spilt money leaving nothing behind. Everything is about the almighty dollar bill and not about what’s right and not for its intended prosperity and growth of a harmonically sound, peaceful and caring civilization.

Cotton paper

Humanity has always throughout history time and time again proven to be a species with evil intentions cultivating from deceitful, dishonest, selfish, and despicable ways incapable of actually and consistently maintain a level of goodness and growth into a better existence. Humans are untrustworthy and can not be left into a position of any one person having more power that anyone else because that power will be used every time for selfish or personal gain. A dictatorship, democracy but close, tyranny, or any other type of government entity ever tried so far has proven to be failures.

Then there are the hidden entities who hide in the shadows and call shots from the outside and often the real rulers. Societies of the rich and elite, high class big tycoons or royalty are out there, some in regions of the world called Sovereign states owned specifically and governed by the richest and most powerful people and/or societies that are off limits to any laws. This is areas such as the Vatican that are a separate government all in its own but resides inside the borders of another country. That’s like if I buy Kansas calling it Richard’s Nation and develop my own constitution and laws with all the things a country has like bank and it’s own money with my picture on the bills. Develop its own powerful military all built with my wealth then declare war with the US with threats of taking over and overthrowing the US government. And with my political powers because of my wealth and being able to buy people and countries or whatever needed to convince the US to consider Richard’s Nation off limits and it’s own separate country inside its borders and not have to follow the rules and laws of the US. Then here I can rule and do whatever I want as long as it don’t spill outside the borders and as long as politicians and law makers keep getting paid by me I could do the most horrible stuff there that I want and it is overlooked.

Blind followers

Some estates run by the worlds elite have child prostitution rings where people pay high dollar to partake. It’s the same similar concept as the movie hostile where if you are rich then you are elite and could get away with murder if you like, your money pays to make it okay in a land with laws that would sentence a poor person to death for.

Some you may have heard of are the Freemasons or the Illuminati amongst others and are shrouded in mystery. Stories of devil worshiping and human sacrifice to world domination plots or even the real rulers of the world, the ones who command the governments as to what is done at any given time. Even that they are extraterrestrials who have humanity blindly in slavery to work to make the world go round in order for fortunes to be made for them.

Think about that, big business hire the poor and hungry and have them labor for worthless paper money and keep their pay low in order to ensure that they have barely enough each week to get over the hump and into the following week. They must keep coming back to survive while the business gains 1000 to one, for example, pay the worker 1$ for every $100000 made from the work they done while the owners kick back and live life the way it’s supposed to be lived. They live in luxury off the poor mans back.

Humanity lost

In today’s world our society are blind to the unjust and power hungry greed of the rich who systematically enslave us with deceptive strategies with the wealth generated by the enslaved themselves. This I mean that we are in fact not even close to being free like the consistently fill our ears with. Subliminal messaging is real. If I imprison someone and make them repeatedly work for me doing one thing for long periods of time and constantly tell them that they free because I allow them to live on my land and feed them then they will begin believing this and do what is asked of them even if at the beginning they were angry for this treatment.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and this phrase makes the most since of all. The elite intentionally keep the population down and needing more so that we rely on them for there table scraps that we paid for and then feed us the bones and expect us to beg for it then say thank you. Like royalty families, they expect the world to adorn them and love them. They demand that we bow down to them or suffer the consequences that they have the power to inflict with their riches that is stolen from the poor who work for it. We should all be of equal power where no one man can get away with things that another is punished for due to power created by wealth. Money is not something that should dictate whether one man could pay to have another murdered when a poor man can’t. Money was never a good idea and history and even until today proves it. It is always used for negativity and evil and rarely used for good. There are people who have enough to fund their family for generations to come and just sit on it selfishly as they live amongst starvation and children with swollen painful bellies or countries with poverty, no jobs, drugs abuse and just plain hell but choose to look the other way. Recently we began a worldwide crisis journey with the CORONA VIRUS killing off an unprecedented amount of the population and a mandatory quarantine was established and jobs loss. People are now jobless, starving, homeless and hurting and the government in the US, the richest nation in the world, gives the population hope and promises of economy stimulating payments for us to bounce back and not lose everything. They gave one $1200 payment and then stopped with it still killing people allowing those desperate and hungry to work and spread the disease. Then the government takes months off playing golf in safe secure destinations living in luxury and paid 100’s of thousands of dollars even into the millions annually leaving the payments desperately needed sitting on the decision desks of lawmakers. The money promised is also then soaked into walls street stocks and bonds and into big businesses crying wolf instead of the people who work for that money and taken through taxes. They don’t care and it’s all about them.


The government and big business together rape and pillage the planet stripping it of resources and polluting is all up with military weapons and nuclear waste and do all this for money and power. To hell with their own future generations on children it’s all about the now. We have so many options of creating safe and sustainable energy to power the planet but the most dangerous and likely to suffer melt downs and poison the world for 100’s of thousands of years is cheaper to produce so they rather risk a situation of not if but when will it kill and poison people to put money and power into their pockets.

Chernobyl and recently in Japan are examples of this leaving the land highly toxic and inaccessible without dying for crazy amounts of time. Then we test bomb nuclear bombs all over the planet and bomb each other leaving places cesium laced an poisonous to humans and local wildlife.

We wage wars over natural resources such as the Gulf War and the government plotted, deployed, and executed a smoke screen diversion to mask the populations eye sight of their true intentions. The US wanted a share of the worlds biggest deposits of natural resources and crude oil but one problem, it lies in the deserts of the Indian parts of the world, Afghanistan.

War is money and money is power with money one could get away with what the poor never could

They did everything possible to try acquiring a piece of a pie that rightfully and honestly belongs to no one country but surly not the US. The locals did not want the Americans interfering or trying to come in and dictate affairs on their lands. With no convincing the Indians to let us in on the action and knowing it was unethical to strong arm their way in they needed a reason to invade the region and take control of this powerful money making resource that they wanted to keep for themselves.

They also knew that the people of America was not very fond of war and would not want to send their children off to war to die to get the oil for the government while they live in luxury off of the oil money. So, they devised, with the black or “shadow government” or the real elites of the world who really call the shots, a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

The elites for a long time and underground in secrecy felt that they were not being obeyed by the powerful US government and were doing things that they warned them not to do. So to convince the American public, whom is in denial or looking the other way as usual that we needed to go to war with the Indian people they devised a huge plan and is known as a strategic move used throughout history for deceitful reasons called a smokescreen. Basically create and deploy an act upon their own people that causes the people to demand action and payback to rid the world of the evil they pinned on others for their gain. This smokescreen was infamously dubbed 911 for September, 11th 2001 when America woke up that morning to a quiet normal sunshiny day and turned on the television set as a they do everyday and in a matter of what seemed like minutes the whole world was turned upside down.

Broadcasts on every channel all over the world were interrupted by a shocking and terrifying scene playing out in New York City and a crown jewel of the United States. The World Trade Center buildings and well known set of sky scrapers and financial heart of the most powerful country in the world were attacked by hijacked American Airline passenger planes and flown into the buildings, one into the pentagon, and another that was ditched in a Pennsylvania field as passengers were about to overwhelm the cockpit. All this by jihad hijackers and suicide mission operatives. Or so everyone believes.

The story many believe is way much different than the media on the government’s payroll and probably scared into reporting the story they wanted the public to believe as true. In actuality while the hijackers may have been on Indian decent to play the part and possibly blackmailed or confined forced into doing the hijacking with the promise of living through it were actually US government operatives. Then as the government does best and lied, the real intentions was to set off a secret device that all planes have but no one knows about not even the pilots. It is a devise that is a part of the ventilation system of the airplane and could be used in hijacking situations or disturbances that would comprise the plain. It is a device that holds a super dose of vaporized alcohol and when the compression chamber system is locked in could be activated from the ground releasing the gas into the plains compartments in doses so large it instantaneously knocks everyone onboard unconscious in a drunken coma, even the pilots.

Now the airplane is taken over by experts on the ground and flown as a jumbo drone and could be set back down on the ground safely. They did take over the actual planes and landed them at an undisclosed secret military facility base and destroyed as evidence, the occupants and the planes. Meanwhile drone dummy jets were flown in strapped and packed with explosives to ensure maximum destruction and the disintegration of those planes to cover up that they weren’t the actual ones through investigation work. They wanted to make sure the targets were completely destroyed along with and trace of evidence this was an inside job.

World equality and creating better ideas from the smoldering ones that didn’t is a priority

All the while this ensures that the American people will fully want revenge and destroy this evil that could do such a despicable act upon the peace loving nation, this was also a ploy to take down the American government with a devastating blow with the intention of removing those that went against the grain of the elites and replace them with ones that listen to what they told and possible complete takeover. The plan was to take out the heart of the national financial power that calls the shots of the nations and crippling the economic integrity with confusion and chaos without it. The second target was the pentagon and the heart and command center of everything United States military where all the chess pieces that controlled the world and military movements, were played crippling in confusion the military and unable to respond to anything quickly. And lastly, some say this theory is impossible because one was ditched in a field but that was not supposed to happen and the government response was immediate to cover up anything needed, but that one was in its destination target direction when it was ditched and that was congress itself. They picked a day they knew the whole house would be there and a perfect opportunity to take out all seat holders that governed every state and the whole nation. So with the nations financial institution smoldering, the pentagon also in chaos and confusion turmoil and the whole congressional party and nations leaders and lawmakers all in dysfunctional chaos and unable to move those chess pieces easily the nation was under full attack and in a desperate situation of possibly being checkmated.

Now with the government at risk and vulnerable and the population preparing their youth for war happily everything was in place to move in and get super rich with the oil in the desert about to be tapped with American dipsticks. This also meant more power and not only that but war itself is a money machine too. The Indians naturally are angry and form their forces to fight and didn’t disappoint and this creating infamous figures like Osama Bin Laden who was named the 911 orchestrator and Saddam Hussein was hung and sons riddled with bullets and hell fire. That’s just a few of thousands whom as well as Americans and British operatives who are all statistics of a smokescreen to go get oil to empower the elite and government more so with the wealth generated.

The governments of the world are all in desperate need of deconstruction and eliminating financial classes with the elimination of banks and the whole idea of money to buy or pay, work for or gain power with used for negativity, all in general. A total remobilization of our society and how it goes about daily life. We would still work and do our part for the advancement of our civilization and species but instead of working for money and some earning more than others we would work for equal shares of all the necessities needed for daily life like food, clothing, or whatever. Everyone would only have to work a few hours a day five days a week and for only 10 or 20 years in order to retire while still young enough to enjoy it. Life is supposed to be enjoyable and not spent working yourself into the dirt. Then everyone is encouraged to have a hobby and something they really love doing and development it into your side hustle that you use in the trading for things that you want that isn’t a necessity like. Everyone has free modest housing and all the same construction and style, free transportation to jobs or constructive projects. Awards are given for breakthroughs in your professional career to encourage productivity and progression. Just remodel everything especially the laws and how they are enforced as no one man would have power over another and everyone is equal. Criminals perhaps condemned by the community as a whole in a silent vote. Take away power and money and create true equality with everyone having what is needed to live comfortably not having to steal and murder but humanity is what it is and will always have those who do what they do. With this and our species as a planet becoming one without borders or distinctions like American or Russian, all work together for the common goal and not competing to see who’s best or first, this would be a lot better place to live.

Financial equality and everyone being of the same importance with no more power that another dismantling governments and imaginary lines on paper maps called borders and outlawing money giving everyone equal shares of necessities and no one using money as power for negativity is a society of one people with no separate distinguishing countries but people of earth as one is where we should be and we call ourselves intelligent but we can not even take care of our only home, earth.

We supposedly free and equal but it’s all something told to us repeatedly to the point of believing it but we are not by far free. Freedom to me means being able to wonder and walk the earth freely without question or needing identification or passports, telling me no I can’t. We are corralled into invisible lines on a map like herds of cattle. We are forced to pay for entrance into some areas of earth. Eliminating the ownership of land instead be allotted by society by birthright a home location and governments drawing lines eliminating countries and all ownership by anyone or any one language speaking population. The land belongs to no one and/or everyone with the freedom to walk anywhere as we please except the respect of ones personal living space. The planet as one population, one civilization, one people and not separated for battles over could take place. Whatever we want to do is what we should be allowed to do despite what another thinks. If I want to smoke a joint who are you to say whatever. As long as one is not hurting others physically or depriving society of anything that you may be relied upon than let them do it but causes problems within society then it must be taken care of. Like if one is doing heron and it’s effecting his work and society pays for it or not pulling ones own weight then handle it in a silent vote. Also number one rule I’d the eye for an eye rule if someone does harm to another then he receive the same as punishment. This is a subject I always believed in because it will make one think that if he did that to another then the same would happen to him and wouldn’t want that so deter his from it.

We as a civilization are in a cosmological view point are only in our infancy and have a long way to go to become a truly harmonic people but with government entities and prioritized rich people with power with financial inequality and our enslavement will only keep us from advancement. If we are to become an advanced and trusting species for any lookers from outside this world that may want to help us we need to correct a lot of our ways. It is really unnecessary for us to be anything else but intelligent and peaceful people. Is humanity that stupid that we see our problems and want better but continue to do what we do. We teach our youth to talk problems through instead of resort to violence but we wage war, what kind of example is that. We allow things like money dictate power over others and almost all crime is over money so why can’t we see the problem and fix it. It don’t work.

The biggest and most deceitful action ever played onto the US population is when the government made precious metals illegal. This was a ploy in order to strip the population of real tangible value. This just made us even poorer because we were ordered to turn in all silver and gold to the nearest bank in exchange for cotton money with numbers printed on them. Worthless paper for that which would always hold value. Cotton money would become obsolete eventually. They really pulled a fast one we the people get paper and they stockpile hordes of gold and silver into Fort Knox placed on a military instillation guarded and protected therefore becoming more powerful through wealth that they practically stole from their own people.

Join me and let’s change the world

We need to wake up society and fast before it is too late and irreversible for us to stop. With this system we will destroy ourselves and our planet over greed and power. Changes need to be made.

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Would love to see you there and I hope to have you as a part of the MBM family, thank you for your support and may peace and prosperity follow you and your family always thanks again Jude AKA Piers. Grey

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Human kind is in serious need of a cup check. Big media controlled by politics and politicians distract us from the issues in immediate need of attention and of upmost importance taking place in the 🌍 . Petty differences, we as a society should be focusing on and the issues causing the problems in need of immediate attention and resolve in which is preventing us from harmonically advancing as a species. Things such as the ozone layer which is a smokescreen issue of those with with alternate intentions. By pointing the finger at made up issues they take the attention off the real issues that is of major profitable business prospectives for them and by distracting an otherwise problem making society who would normally protest the immoral values of the operation. Global warming and such issues of the planets 🪐 natural cycle in which is of no need to be concerned about is the go to excuses used to repel our attention off more pressing issues that we should be concerned about all for the preservation of their own personal greed.

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Cup Check

These real issues that we, not as a nation or separate nations, as a global entity and as humanity that are of such importance are real threats to us and our Mother Earth 🌎 . These that have the potential to devastate and most definitely be problematic with great significance to the over all well being of our species are things that need immediate attention, not insignificant things that Earth 🌍 will correct itself.

Real issues that need attention not smokescreens intended to divert attention from what is real

The money 💵 making issues that are ignored by those who profit from them and the catalyst of greed and the selfishness. Those of which I speak are fat-cat business, political entities, the elite of society, the rich and famous who are gluttons for attention and excess, or any organization or person who who put the safety of society or our planet 🌎 on the side burner for profit. Some of the most important ones in my opinion are those which puts the global overall health and prosperity at risk. Such issues that nuclear ☢️ power pose or that of the large oil companies.

We need to think outside the box and make changes doing things differently before we self destruct

Nuclear ☢️ power from power plants to weapons⚔️ is a major issue that we are implementing into daily normalcy and lied to about for so many years that we begin to believe the lies put forth. Time after time shows that the nuclear ☢️ age has done more damage to our way of life, life itself, and to our planet 🌎 than it has good. The studies and research that come from all the industries endeavors have showed ecological damage and other concerning issues that nuclear ☢️ productions have had in many aspects. This is a undeniable threat in which the powers that be insist isn’t at all in any way issue. The ones who profit from these products created by nuclear ☢️ power are always attempting to convince us that a blowfly is actually a fruit fly for their own gain.

We are killing our planet and ourselves with destructive behavior and realizing that we do it while looking the other way

In the short history of our nuclear ☢️ lives have proven the dangers of such an invention. The pollution, devastation, and greed that it poses to us and our societies longevity and to planet Earth 🌍 is immense and has done irreversible damage that will not correct itself for centuries. Areas such as Chernobyl in the Ukraine 🇺🇦 , which on April, 26 1986, the number four reactor suffered what is still today considered the worst nuclear accident so far. It, at the epic center is so radioactive that it will not be inhabitable for centuries to come and anyone to get near the core would die💀 within five seconds to minutes scrambling your DNA and the radioactive ☢️ exposure would be instantly lethal. There still is nuclear ☢️ waste in the structure near the core that is called the elephants foot because of its resemblance to an elephants foot and is a large mass of corium and other materials formed during the disaster. The 1986 disaster have birth to this extremely radioactive object and its danger will diminish over time due to the decay of its radioactive ☢️ components. It lies beneath reactor No. 4 under reactor room 217 and is a really dense object resembling glass and tree bark.

The elephant foot at the Chernobyl reactor site and is highly radioactive killing anyone who gets near it within five minutes

By early May nearly 120,000 people were exposed to its presence and evacuated. Many later died from radiation poisoning or cancers and other side effects that it produced. Radiation is a scary thing to think of. From bombs 💣 to mutations, cancers to ultimate sudden death 💀 of unimaginable pain and suffering. The effects that the radiation has had on the wildlife is a contentious issue. Directly after the accident radiation levels climbed to that of 100 times than they are now. Significant impacts were obvious and the best known is an ares between four and six square kilometers of the epic center where pine trees received deadly 💀 doses of radiation. Their needles turned reddish-orange and scientists dubbed it the red forest. Radiation levels are now much lower and home to many forms of wildlife including rare and endangered species. The areas that are devastated are large areas of land that will not be safe for human colonization for centuries to come and have extreme impacts on the surrounding plant 🌱 life and wildlife. Who knows what long term irreversible effects this will cause to Earth’s 🌍 over all health. Reports of mutations and cancers are reported in such areas devastated by these sort of events like Chernobyl, Japan 🇯🇵 , and one of the least known and/or forgotten areas is in Pennsylvania. Three mile island when in its early stages of operation dumped tons upon tons of nuclear ☢️ waste into nearby water 💧 bodies causing and ecological disaster where people were stricken with high levels of cancers and sicknesses and even high levels of frogs 🐸 and wildlife with three legs 🦵 and other mutations. The Peach 🍑 Bottom Atomic Power Station in South Central Pennsylvania is one of 80 sites, across dozens of states, where nearly 80,000 metric tons of waste from power plants is stored at the taxpayers expense. Spent fuel ⛽️ from power plants is first stored in racks in a big pool 🏊 . It’s surrounded by a bright plastic yellow barrier with signs that read: CAUTION RADIATION AREA. The fuel stays here under 22 feet of water 💧 to cool for seven to ten years as they still have some amounts of decay heat after operates in the reactor. Once safe for removal they are stored outside in white, metal casks that look like hot 🥵 water 💧 heaters.

Caution Earth is radioactive and is a Waste land

It is said that these areas including places like Bikini 👙 Atoll and many others have polluted much of the planet 🌍 already and they insist that nuclear ☢️ power is the safest, cheapest, and cleanest forms of producing power, however, time and proven methods have proven that not to be the case in ever aspects of the notion. It is cost efficient in comparison to the revenue it creates from the people paying high electricity bills amongst other things for the services so if they went any other way as to produce the resource it would put a damper into the pocket books of the ones who profit from it. Cleaner more efficient ways such as wind turbines, solid power and others are basically cheap and often times free for the consumer therefore, cutting out the profiteers. Also, the ways of camouflaging the operations developing nuclear ☢️ ordinance and military supplies would be comprised

There are better ways

Military and governmental global power and ordinance operations have caused way more damage to our world 🌍 than most realize. The government and powers that be never disclose these accidents and incidents of major problematic nature even when confronted with evidence. Most of these devastating incidents are large unknown and here are a few of them in a list:

Poisonings the world with stupidity
  • Leipzig, Germany 🇩🇪(then Nazi Germany) steam explosion💥 and reactor fire🔥 on June 23, 1942
  • On August 21, 1945 Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico 🇲🇽 , Accidental criticality where Harry Daghlian dropped a tungsten carbine brick 🧱 onto a plutonium core and inadvertently creating a critical mass at the Omega site. He quickly removed the brick but was fatally irritated and dying 💀 on September 15th.
  • On May 21, 1946 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico 🇲🇽 a Canadian 🇨🇦 physicist Louis Slotin, while demonstrating his technique to visiting scientists 👨‍🔬 , manually assembled a critical mass with a momentary slip of a screwdriver caused a prompt critical reaction. Slotin died💀 May 30th form massive radiation poisoning with an estimated dose of 1000 rads or 10 grays. Seven observers survived with exposures as high as 166 rads and three dying💀 of radiation poisoning related conditions, it is believed. Him and Daghlian both worked with the same bomb 💣 core and became known as the “Demon core.” Later it was melted down and combined with existing weapons-grade material.
  • On February 13, 1950 in British 🇬🇧 Columbia a simulated nuclear ☢️ bomb 💣 containing TNT 🧨 and uranium, minus plutonium which is needed to create a nuclear ☢️ explosion, was proactively dumped in the Atlantic Ocean 🌊 after a B-36 bombers engine caught fire 🔥 during a test to carry nuclear ☢️ payloads. Also, a B-36 carrying a dummy of a similar ordinance bomb 💣 suffered mechanical failure over the Pacific Ocean 🌊 and was forced to shut all six engines down at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Fearing severe weather and icing would jeopardize an emergency 🚨 landing, the weapon was jettisoned from a height of 8,000 feet. The weapon detonated upon impact with a bright flash. The accident is called a Broken Arrow, meaning an accident involving a nuclear ☢️ weapon but don’t present risk of war.
  • July 13, 1950 in Lebanon 🇱🇧 , Ohio was a non-nuclear detonation of an atomic 💣. A B-29 with a Mark 4 nuclear 💣 on board, flying to Guam 🇬🇺 experienced malfunctions with two propellers and landing gear retraction during take off crashed 💥 while attempting an emergency 🚨 landing at Fairfield-AFB. In the fire 🔥 the high-explosive material exploded killing 💀 19 people including the pilot 👩‍✈️ , crew, and rescue personnel.
  • November 10, 1950 at Rivière-du-Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦 there was a non-nuclear detonation of an atomic bomb 💣. Returning one of several Mark 4 U.S. bombs 💣 a USAF B-50 with engine problems jettisoned the weapon at 10,500 ft over the St. Lawerence River. It shook area residents and scattered nearly 100 pounds of uranium used in the weapons tamper. The plutonium core was not in the bomb 💣 at the time.
  • March 1, 1954 at Bikini Atoll, Republic of the Martial Islands 🌴(then trust territory of the Pacific Islands) was an infamous nuclear test accident. During the Castle 🏰 Bravo test of the first deplorable hydrogen bomb 💣 , a miscalculated resulted in the explosion 💥 being twice as large as predicted, with a total explosive 🧨 force of 15 megatons of TNT 🧨 . Of the total yield, 10 Mt were from fission of the natural uranium tamper, but those fission reactions were dirty, producing large amounts of fallout. Combined with a much larger than expected yield and unanticipated-wind shift, radioactive-fallout spread into unexpected areas. A Japanese 🇯🇵 fishing 🎣 boat 🚣‍♂️ came into contact with the fallout causing the crew to become ill 😷 and one fatality. 💀 It spread eastward onto the inhabited Rongelap and Rongerik Atolls 🌴 which were not evacuated before the detonation due to the unexpected fallout zone and the financial cost 💵 involved. Many of the inhabitants suffered radiation burns 🥵 and radioactive dusting. These who suffered the effects were have received little if any compensation from the federal government. International uproar broke out because of this on concerns of radiation especially on fish 🐠 contamination. Personal accounts of the incident from the Rongelap people can be seen in the Children 👶 of Armageddon documentary. To this day the effects to the Islands 🌴 can be found in the plant 🌱 life especially. They all contain high levels of the cancer causing poison 💀 and is the fallouts most abundant form of exposure, cesium. All things contain it and if you crack open a coconut 🥥 , the milk 🥛 and lining contains the cesium in high concentrations as the Earth 🌎 is trying to clean 🧽 itself.
  • In November on the 29th of 1955 in Idaho there was a partial meltdown. Operator error caused the meltdown in the experimental EBR-1 Breeder Reactor resulting in elicited radiation levels and necessary significant maintenance.
  • March 10,1957 over the Mediterranean Sea 🌊 some nuclear ☢️ weapons were lost when a USAF B-47 Stratojet on a non-stop mission from MacDill Air Force Base in Florida to an overseas base descending into a cloud ☁️ formation at 14,000 ft over the Mediterranean Sea 🌊 in preparation for an in-air refueling⛽️ vanished carrying two nuclear ☢️ weapon cores. The wreckage was never located.
  • July 27, 1956 in Lakenhealth Suffolk, UK 🇬🇧 was a nuclear ☢️ weapons damage where a USAF B-47 crashed 💥 into a storage igloo spreading burning fuel ⛽️over the Mark 6 nuclear bombs 💣 . Experts say it was a miracle exposed detonators on the bomb 💣 did not detonate causing a release of nuclear ☢️ material into the environment.
  • May 22, 1957 in Kirkland AFB in New Mexico 🇲🇽 a non-nuclear detonation of a Mark 17 thermonuclear bomb 💣 after a B-36 dropped in upon approaching the AFB. It struck 4.5 miles south of the bases control tower and 0.3 miles south of Sandia Base reservation. It was completely destroyed by the high explosive 🧨 material creating a crater 12 ft deep and 25 ft in diameter. Radioactive ☢️ contamination around the crater lip amounted to 0.5 milliroentgen.
  • July 28, 1957 in the Atlantic Ocean 🌊 two weapons were jettisoned and not recovered.
  • September 11, 1957 at Rocky Flats Plant, Golden, Colorado was a fire 🔥 releasing nuclear ☢️ material.
  • September 29, 1957 in Kyshtym Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia 🇷🇺 Federation (then Soviet Federation Socialist Republic, USSR) was an explosion 💥 resulting in the release of nuclear ☢️ materials. A cooling system failure at the Mayak nuclear ☢️ processing plant 🌱 resulting in a major explosion and release of radioactive ☢️ materials. A large area was subjected to radioactive ☢️ contamination and thousands from local inhabitants were evacuated.
  • October 8-12, 1957 in Sellafield Cumbria, UK 🇬🇧 was a reactor core fire 🔥. Technicians mistakenly overheated 🥵 Windscale Pile No. 1 during an annealing process to release Wigner energy from graphite portions of the reactor. Poorly placed thermometers 🌡 were reading that the reactor was cooling rather than heating 🥵. Excess heat 🥵 led to failure of a nuclear ☢️ cartridge allowing uranium and irritated graphite to react with air. The resulting fire 🔥 burned for days damaging a significant portion of the reactor core, but successfully created a firebreak 🔥 by removing nearby fuel ⛽️ cells. Water 💧 and switching off cooling air systems to the graphite core eventually quenched the fire 🔥. Radioactive gasses in the form of iodine-131 was released into the countryside from the reactor. Milk 🥛 distribution was banned within a 200-square-mile area around the area for several weeks. The reactor was one of two air-cooled, graphite-moderated uranium reactors at the site that produced plutonium.
  • October 11, 1957 at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida a nuclear bomb ☢️💣 burned 🔥 after a B-47 aircraft incident after it took off and a wheel exploded. 💥
  • January 31, 1958 I’m Morocco 🇲🇦 a nuclear ☢️ bomb 💣 was damaged in a crash 💥during a simulated takeoff. ✈️ A wheel casting failure caused the tail of a USAF B-47 carrying an armed nuclear ☢️ weapon to hit the runway. It ruptured the fuel ⛽️ tank sparking a fire 🔥 and some contamination was detected following the incident.
  • February 5, 1958 in Savanna Georgia 🇬🇪 a nuclear bomb 💣 was lost.
  • February 28, 1958 in Greenham Common U.S. Base Newbury England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, a 1.1 megaton B28 nuclear ☢️ bomb 💣 onboard a B-47E bomber was engulfed in flames.🔥 Taking 16 hours and over one million gallons of water 💧 to extinguish two were killed 💀 and eight injured. The U.K. 🇬🇧 and U.S. 🇺🇸 governments kept the incident a secret. In 1985, the British 🇬🇧 government claimed that a taxing aircraft ✈️ had struck a parked one and that no fire 🔥 was involved.
  • March 11, 1958 in Mars Bluff, South Carolina a non-nuclear detonation of a nuclear ☢️ weapon. The USAF B-47E bomber, number 53-1876A, was flying from Hunter Air Force Base in Savannah, Georgia 🇬🇪 to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in a formation of B-47s on a top-secret mission called operation Snow ❄️ Flurry to perform a mock bombing 💣 exercise. The flight ✈️ navigator/ 👨‍✈️ bombardier was checking the locking harness on the massive 7600 pounds Mark 6 nuclear ☢️ bomb 💣 when he accidentally push the emergency 🚨 release lever and the bomb 💣 fell on the Bombay doors 🚪 smashing them open and going into a 15,000 feet free fall. The high explosive 🧨 detonator went off after it hit the ground 6.5 miles east of Florence South Carolina in Morris Bluff creating a 70 feet wide crater 30 feet deep. A nearby house 🏠 was destroyed and several people were injured 🤕. A nuclear ☢️ donation was not possible because, while on board, the weapons core was not in the weapon for safety reasons.
  • June 16, 1958 at Oak Ridge, Tennessee was an accidental criticality. A supercritical portion of highly enriched uranyl nitrate was allowed to collect in the drum 🥁 causing a prompt neutron criticality in the C-1 wing of building 9212 at the Y-12 complex. It is estimated that the reaction produce 1.3 x 10 to the 18th power fissions. Eight employees were in close proximity to the drum 🥁 during the accident receiving neutron doses ranging from 30 to 411 rems. No fatalities were reported.
  • November 4, 1958 at Dyess AFB, Texas was a non-nuclear detonation of a nuclear ☢️ bomb 💣. A ASAF B-47 bomber developed a fire 🔥 shortly after takeoff and went down with a nuclear ☢️ weapon on board from an altitude of 1500 feet. The donation of the highly explosive 🧨 material in the bomb 💣 created a creator 6 feet deep and 35 feet diameter and three crewmembers escaped and one was killed. 💀
  • November 26,1958 at Chennault AFB in Louisiana was another non-nuclear detonation of a nuclear bomb 💣. A USAF B-47 bomber 💣 with a nuclear ☢️ weapon on board caught fire. 🔥The site of the accident was contaminated after a limited explosion of non-nuclear material explosive materials.
  • December 30, 1958 in Los Alamos, New Mexico 🇲🇽 was another accidental criticality. During chemical purification, a critical mass of plutonium solution was accidentally assembled at Los Alamos national laboratory. A chemical operator name Cecil E Kelley died 💀 of acute radiation sickness . The March 1961 journal of occupational and environmental medicine printed a special supplement medically analyzing this accident and manipulation of critical assemblies was abandoned as a matter of policy in US federal facilities after this accident.
  • January 18, 1959 at a classified USAF air base somewhere in the Pacific Ocean 🌊 was a nuclear ☢️ weapons fire 🔥.
  • July 6, 1959 at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana was limited contamination as a USAF C-124 transporting to nuclear ☢️ weapons without fissile cores crashed and burned 🔥 down during takeoff 🛫 . The high explosive 🧨 detonators did not go off. The wreckage area experience limited contamination.
  • September 25, 1959 at Off Whidbey Island 🌴 in Washington a nuclear ☢️ weapon was lost.
  • Oct 15, 1959 in Hardinsbur, Kentucky a nuclear ☢️ weapon was particularly damaged.
  • November 20, 1959 at Oakridge Tennessee was an explosion of at a radiochemical processing plant releasing the toxins.
  • June 7, 1960 in New Egypt 🇪🇬 New Jersey a nuclear ☢️ warhead fire 🔥 took place.
  • Oct 13, 1960 in the Arctic Ocean 🌊 in the Barney’s Sea 🌊 was the release of nuclear ☢️ materials from a Soviet Northern Fleet November-Class submarine.
  • January 3, 1961 at the National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho was the site of the accidental criticality steam explosion 💥 resulting in three fatalities 💀 and the release of fission products. During a maintenance shut down the SL-1 experimental nuclear ☢️ reactor underwent a prompt critical reaction causing core materials to explosively vaporize. Water 💧 hammer 🔨 estimated at 10,000 pounds per square inch struck the top of the reactor vessel propelling the entire reactor vessel upon upwards over 9 feet in the air. The operator who had been standing on top of the vessel was killed 💀 when a shield 🛡 plug 🔌 and impaled him and lodged in the ceiling. Two other military personnel were also killed 💀 from the trauma of the explosion 💥, one of which had remove the central control rod too far. The plant 🌱 had to be dismissed and the contamination was buried permanently nearby. Most of the release of radioactive materials was concentrated within the reactor building.
  • January 24, 1961 was physical damage to a nuclear bomb and loss of nuclear materials.
  • March 14, 1961 a Yuba City B-52 crashes near Yuba City, California with two nuclear ☢️ bombs 💣 which didn’t trigger a nuclear ☢️☢️ explosion 💥 .
  • July 4, 1961 off the coast of Norway 🇳🇴 was a near meltdown of a Soviet Hotel-class submarine.
  • May 1, 1962 in the Sahara Desert 🐪, French 🇫🇷 Algeria (now Algeria 🇩🇿) was the accidental venting of an underground nuclear ☢️ test.
  • May 22, 1962 in Chico, California was the explosion of Titan 1 ICBM at a Silo launcher site.
  • April 10, 1963 the submarine USS Thresher and its loss of nuclear ☢️ reactor. Due to improper wheels allowing NC water 💧 which forced a shut down of the reacto. It was a loss of ship and crew sent to crushing depths and imploded.
  • January 13, 1964-August 8, 2019 there were nearly 40 other known nuclear related disasters and environmental impacts due to the operations conducted playing with someone that should never have been invented or started.
The nuclear age killing us

There are better ways to conduct day to day life, negotiate intelligently out societies problems instead of going to war like little immature children and bullies on the playground. We could develop and perfect known strategies and implement them into self sustaining clean ways of achieving sufficient energy. We need to put a new world order into action and over throw all the government’s with lying, deceptive, and procrastinating about untruths told while running for office, politicians with blood 🩸 on their hands and absolutely no calluses or dirt under their nails. These cry 😢 baby rich kids with silver and gold lining their anus holes since birth and had everything given to them on silver platters. These money 💴 loving 🥰 politicians are all about themselves and nothing else. They promise the people the world 🌍 but when in office they turn their backs on society as they stuffing their pockets with the taxpayers dollars 💵 feeling they are entitled to it.

Rich fat cat politicians about dat money not about you or me

They rape and pillage our Mother Earth 🌍 for their own satisfaction quenching their thirst for more. To hell with the planet 🌎 as long as they make money. They murder for profit and then to cover up their actions and get away with it lying to our faces with blood 🩸 all over their faces from sucking it from society like the parasitic, gluttonous, engorged tic that they are. They suck until their bellies explode fro greed.

Parasitic greed

The human species is an organic organism similar to another organism and in actuality is biologically one in the same, disease. We are a disease feasting, crapping 💩, sucking the life from, taking advantage of our host that we call 🌍. We stink everything up, pollute, step all over, destroy, strip, and take advantage of this planet like we own it. We never owned this planet 🌍 to begin with, it owns us. Earth 🌍 is the one to give us life and it’ll be the one to destroy it one day too. When our population becomes too dense her response is something called Natural selection. This is where she will have enough of our crap and throw off a disease that only happens only once in a long time to thin out the heard. We should be eradicated all together, that would be the best thing for her and nature to grow and flourish healthier. We constantly spill oil, create nuclear ☢️ situations that we can not control or contain with horrible consequences, deplete her of natural resources, over populate, cut down rainforests that creates life bearing oxygen and contains countless rare species and just act like we hate our planet 🌍 or like we could actually go somewhere else if it becomes useless and all used up.

Disease through natural selection

What I call a new age called the human advancement scenario where we as the people and majority rule need to stand up and stop ignoring what the elite of the world 🌍 are doing. Stand up and put a stop 🛑, fight back if we need to and demand that we become a better and smarter advanced civilization where the people are the real rulers an have the power.

We need to stand up as a society and as one to overcome the adversity in which we are suffering. Stop looking the other direction and stop being scared to fight back and take what is rightfully ours.

Demolish the idea of countries, boarders, separate identifying races and cultures and become one as a species and as a planet 🌏. If the aliens 👽 visit us and ask us what we are called we won’t say oh we are Americans or we are Chinese, will we? No, we will say we are human kind or Earthlings as a whole and not separate.

Who are we?

If we are invaded by extracurricular entities who want to populate or mine for natural resources and do away with humanity to claim Earth 🌍 as their own are we going to fight back as countries? I don’t think so, we will go at them with everything that we as a species can throw at them as a combined force.

We are one and not separate, we must stop the nonsense of countries, individualism, and become one species from one world and would defend that as a species against any other.

So why are we separating ourselves now? Why aren’t we combining resources, intelligence, and our power as a species and as one ☝️ planetary society for the greater good of mankind. This only holds us back as a species and when of if we are ever invaded we could be way more effective and technologically advanced through working together than we are now. If we are invaded now with all our separate and selfishness secrets we won’t stand a chance. We’d be all confused and be overwhelmed by them then taken over. This would really be a bad day for society and for 🌎.

Technology advancement as a planet not as separate entities

Another critical reason why civilization is not more advanced that we should be is all the despicable and evil human beings out there who are only parasites 🦠 feeding off society. These are the ones who do not do their share or can care less about anyone else but themselves. These are especially criminals who murder, rape, steal, cheat, and degrade others for their own personal gain. If you murder and caught red handed, than you should be executed without question with no trial. We let them sit on death row for 20 years soaking up tax payers dollars for education, living expenses, representation, they victimize other inmates, watch tv, work out , be lazy all day, take advantage of others outside the prisons as they appeal over and over saying that they are innocent 😇 and yet were caught in the act or determined without a reasonable doubt that they guilty. Why let this happen? The correction systems are already over populated and the facilities and personnel are just as criminalistic as the inmates.


The people as a whole, as a populous, determine what to do and when to do it. Everyone with an individual vote 🗳 on everything without a government entity holding society back.

Yes or no? Society says so not governments

We need a population control plan and decisive action to implement on the concerns on overpopulating the 🌎. We are now at population worldwide of 7.8 billion. With modern medicine and technology we are living longer than ever before so a plan to depopulate the planet 🌎 should be taken seriously 😐 and fast them commissioned into effect enforcing it and work towards bringing it to a near stop 🛑until it drops. Everyday brings, at an equation of births minus deaths, another 140,000 more people. This population control is necessary because Earth is only capable of sustaining 9-11 billion people before major drought occurs, which is already happening, then the vegetation dies because of lack of water, then grazing animals, then humans. It’s a snowball effect into extinction blueprint in which we as a planetary entity needs to wake up and read before it’s too late to turn back because indeed it already may be too late.

Population control is necessary before it’s too late and it already may be

There are less desirable people here amongst us that are only victimizing or taking advantage of the law abiding people. If you commit the same crime twice, murder or rape, despicable crimes against your fellow man, advancement as a species disrupting, gangs, drug dealers, human trafficking, child molesting or killing or victimizing, animal cruelty, planet 🌎 harming, or any other crime deemed horrible all be executed. Make an example of these kinds of people and show that we will not tolerate their crimes upon society. These kinds of people will never change.

Crimes against society is ruining everything

Boarders are only cattle herding for humans and exist to keep us under the fingers of the government’s that govern them. We aren’t free as a species, we are only slaves to the rich who only get richer and poor get poorer. We are classified by where we are born and given numbers. We work for rich people and businesses making them millions all by the sweat of our brow and the breaking of our backs and for every million we make them we get a dollar. This is the way they keep us coming back. We are given only enough and sometimes not enough to pay out living expenses and that’s it, therefore, we must return the following week to earn more if we want to survive. If they paid us handsomely then we wouldn’t go back then they would have to do all the hard dirty work for themselves and that would put a damper on their easy happy living collecting riches while doing nothing on the backs of the poor. That would be a shame.

Working ourselves to death for little for the big man who gets rich.

Having a society who are all of equality based governed with the abolishment of money and where everyone works for equal resources needed to live only is the way to go. Everyone the same and no one having more than another or having more power or entitlement over another who all receive the same rations of goods in exchange for working a couple hours a day, four days a week for 20 years then retire in order to enjoy life not work it all the way through unhappily. We live and we die and that span of time is extremely short so why not develop a society where it is enjoyable without war, starvation, homelessness, with equality in every way.

Change is needed and change is upon us

It is time for society to open their eyes and stop looking the other way. Take action and demand what we as a species are rightfully entitled to. I

We need to open our eyes

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