If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

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Hey you guys and gals friends and pals it’s time to take a bow because here there is no such thing as throw in the towel Space Age Rage is well into its wisdom truth and harmony only gotten there by path or disloyalty and disharmony if anyone ask you what army you say this army, the Volunteer Army at Make Bold Moves and Space Age Rage as we take center stage we are the new generation the new age rage we are the generation to turn the page to be let loose from our cage allowed to ripen and sweeten with age

Here GET YOUR GEAR👍🏼🦻🏼can you hear me now no more need for a tear and you could still have your 🍺 your life you must never show any fear and let me say we always make things clear we do our best but can’t always make bad things disappear haul ass out of town never looking to our rear view mirror it can’t be more clearer it’s fool proof fool watch my interior wait snd now my exterior do you have the criteria or do your just have diarrhea of the gums back down you know who is inferior heart as cold as Siberia you don’t know you don’t live up to the curricular warn you never no warning shots if your in my perimeter

Our centrifugal force is always a little corse but do not force let it flow let it all go to and fro heather and yonder where this dream leads me to is what I always ponder this is all fate there is no blunder we will spit thunder and crap lightning we will make it extra frightening feel that noise choking and tightening it truly is a hollowed sighting if you see a ghost get it in writing it also has to do a lot with lighting as we are our souls are a spark of electricity during the miracle of conception birth and binding given by two to one or more each with individual sparks or did they share one spark❓❗️ Who the hell freaking knows but we should have better concepts that what we have snd or evidence and if the government is hiding shit from us then god damn it we want to know o know the Vatican says the truth could send the world into chaos I know why because we are genetically altered and improved by an advanced Extraterrestrial species using us as a resource we did anything the “Gods” said to do but were they in fact gods this is where all religion comes from God came down from the heavens and made mankind in his likeness well ET came down also from the heavens and genetically engineered our very DNA and or bred with us as cavemen like creatures dumb and ignorant but curious and dumb however there at that time because they were the smartest and the brightest strongest and tuffest brutal and cause a ruckus go the longest made us better stronger and faster smarter through DNA manipulation to be smart enough to not realize that they are ETs and not God and just dumb enough to keep believers they are God and they created you and your intelligence promising humanities longevity with intelligence and security they take care of you and have all you need but it’s a state of mind the ETs had to maintain with the humans they could never give up the fact they they are indeed ETs and not God the humans would then believe they are wronged and tricked and taken advantaged of them call mutiny and because the ETs are used to a different gravitational pull on their original planet perhaps they were too weak to mine gold snd natural resources needed for their mothership to continue to their next destination on their universal intergalactic journey we basically a gas station for the ETs and humanity is a resource used and fooled to believe they were God every corner of the Earth there are religious beliefs all amazingly similar all amazingly familiar remember who is superior and inferior brought your criteria❓‼️❓💯💀🌎🤙🏽💨😎🍺🎼🙃


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Son Of A Gun

Welcome one and all we are gonna have a ball❓

Cause we gonna party like it’s 1999 alright ❓❗️💯

We are going to have fun here and have fun there and we gonna have all kinds of fun everywhere a fun fun❗️

Something I sketched up just now Piers Grey‼️

We gonna have a ton of fun we gonna run in the sun calling one another son of a guns❗️

I guarantee nothing will be left undone I hope one of mine is never having a so ‼️

I bedep bedep dats all folks‼️

We will overcome we will shock and awe we will stand tall. We will never take a bow or fall at the hands of our enemies we answer that call❗️

So do not delay do not stall for not wait until the fall put that date up on the calendar up on the wall this is not something you’ll find in the mall❗️

Because flat in your face you’ll fall and back up to your feet is up to you to haul bet you wish you were in an all catered hall‼️

When it’s all done and said with down coming begging and crawling end up with a guy named Paul carrying you last name Barrer‼️❓💯❗️💀


A mother, a woman of despair and grief riddled mental disorder among her peers as an OUTSTANDING care giver of the elderly. An LPN fighting on the front lines putting her life and the lives around her at risk to save lives as well as make a living. These kind of people during the COVID-19 outbreak was out there in fear of contracting it while the media are screaming to stay home. They selfishly give up everything to save lives despite the actual outcome.

They personally know grief and pain, mystery and failure. The need to know it’s not there fault and that the are appreciated and we need them here.

I want all of you to please give a round of applause for one of the nurses LPN’s battling it still on the front lines taking fire from all directions. Looking death and fear in the eye and going 12 rounds or more toe to toe without flinching because of knowledge that if you show fear in the smallest way it’ll smell it on you. Then it’ll overwhelm you and swarm you conform you and disarm you of your only true protection, your poker face.

Encourage her to come forth she has lost a son and been through the ringer. She needs supporters and those with similar issues to which know her pain as only a parent could realize at the loss of your child. I can’t understand it but I can understand to an extent but unless you’ve experienced such loss you’ll never be allowed to relate on levels I know each other could.

Y’all begin a group a support group!

Oh! Okay! Words just in! BREAKING NEWS A NEW OFFICIAL WRITER JOINING HER FOR A JOURNEY of a mother’s never fully but somewhat repair. Also, ones fight against the crooked laws that governed the situation of her sons death.

Follow and stay tuned even message us