Introducing Our New Star Up and Comer Outrageously Inspiring uAuthor…..Drum Roll please…..

Celebrate good times common! It’s a celebration…!
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It’s a celebration in many ways it’s a celebration of their lives and the cherished little we have is taken for granted.

I know this is her mind all the time so help her my friends

A celebration of the boys lives! Appreciate what time we did have with them.

These ladies will change that perspective this is for all to see.


A celebration that there worlds are coming to Space Age Rage and that they are fighting to save lives in many ways professionally and personally.


Give it up for their bravery and I’m proud to announce one is my sister.

RIP Kylan Jude Mier and Dontee LaCombre! December, 29th 2019! 19 years old life cut too short because they felt they had to race another. Help raise consciousness on this subject matter for all our youth with their nee shinny drivers license and sports car. Until the State Troopers find your license 500 yards from the car crash fallout away.