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Our home is for creative thinker of free expression without limitations and should never be compromised for another’s personal gain. The disrespect of our home and destruction of its integrity will never be compromised or allowed when SAR is around. If such advantage taking is upon us we will expose it and the truths behind it. The destruction and dismantling of such negative and unproductive nature and to benefit off the suffering of others is a subject matter that sends us into a RAGE.

I WARN EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AND NEVER SAY I DIDN’T that I never said that if you didn’t not support and/or contribute to our cause in any way by following, sharing, liking, referring, commenting, or being recognized in any kind of noticeable way in supportive actions that you will not be eligible for cash prizes, prizes and/or beneficial integration implemented within the site. The potential for winners are great and possibilities of actually winning is humungous considering the number of opportunities available. In some instances you’ll be accepted into the forever club, which is in donations or investors situations, membership membership, any winners, and more where exclusively selected categories are entered into each and every drawing ever for life.

Never cry into your ice cream with your self destructive existence because of your dismissal of SPACE AGE RAGE
Don’t be regretting about being warned and about not interacting and accepting our invitations to be a part of something bigger than all of us. JOIN NOW AND BECOME OUR FAMILY MEMBER WITH AWESOME IMPLICATIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFE.

When the world is buzzing about the content and awesome overall presence of SAR and you are left in the dark with exclusion from the conversation because you decided to not interact by clicking away from us.

So, be a part of us now, become a citizen and family member to our exclusive organization now.

SPACE AGE RAGE is your go to site for all things mysterious, unexplained, theoretical, realistic or fictitious, and/or otherworldly by nature. The in depth look at, study, and information gathering of the truth behind that which we do not understand is an ongoing and problematic process.

The truth and uncovering of it by others for selfish gain or reasons is one of our main priorities.

We strive to bring to you, for you, the truth and bring to light what is hidden in the darkness for personal gain or whatever reason others want to keep secret.

Giving back to our supporters and to the needing, the deserving, after operations here are taken care of, and not for the purpose of self gain but for notoriety and showcasing our work is the ultimate goal. With prizes and cash giveaways, contests, earning potential through skilled creative content writing displays, giving to charities, and supplying you with cool and stylish designer items of branded products. With so many other outstanding integrations into the site development and fun biased intentions everyone will want to be a part and interact in the supposing of SPACE AGE RAGE.

Become a winner with SAR and benefit from all out great opportunities

Everyone is a site winner as a member of the SAR family

Follow, comment, join in, interact, share, recommend, refer and become a member of our family and thrive with us to make the world a better understood place for all to enjoy.

Share with others to help us grow and share our ideas and beneficial nature with everyone.

Join and interact, share and develop ideas, support and be a member supported my your SAR family. You are officially a wanted and needed member of a prestigious and fundamentally proactive family for the better interests of others and our planet.

Creative writing and theorizing is our way and showing you to not fear voicing your opinions and how you see things, not letting others dictate your actions, and taking pride in who you are our goals.

Who cares what others think of you or your opinions because usually when someone shoots your ideas down or ridicules your propositions then they are attempting to flip your light switch off so that theirs will shine and be more noticeable because your outshines theirs. Letting others walk all over your thoughts and dreams that may further your self respect, social notoriety or financial gain is never okay.

There are those who will do this on a daily basis and imagine all the wonderful and life changing ideas in which were snuffed out by others in our species hustler and could of changed the world.

You never can tell maybe someone had the cure for cancer or the world starvation issue problems solves. Many issues that may have been resolved and weren’t all because they were afraid of what others think or shut down my other devious intentions of another.

Solve problems, change lives, create better ways of doing things, support others

Our priority in our writing careers is to never leave any forbidden stone unturned, to showcase your ideals and proposals to the world and who cares what may develop over it.

It is not that they stole my ideas that bothers me, it is the fact that they don’t have ideas of their own that does! ~Nikola Tesla

The smartest man to ever roam the planet in history
Tesla’s development of several radical ideas attempted to be snuffed out from existence by those in the same field of work as his, were ground breaking and changed the world. He was way before his time and due to his achievements and discoveries our society today can thank him for all the modern luxuries such as cell phones, hydroelectric power and many more in which we take fir granted and never realize or appreciate his genius.

MAKE BOLD MOVES and publish or deliver your beliefs and ways of realizing your opinions. We need to be a species of growth and the allowance of others to sprout, shine, and become mature in an intellectual and formidable creature that has the potential to change everything we know to be true for the better and gain better understandings of or surroundings.

Never hold someone back because they may cure your future cancer with the very idea you prevented our society from discovering. Be supporting to your fellow man or woman and for heavens sake follow and support us here at Rage.

Stop procrastinating and start doing, that’s the only way to be productive and proactive.

Think creatively and write creatively from those thought processes and develop your thinking power to reach other levels of comprehension.

Our minds are capable of the incapable impossibilities of what we deem as impossible. The impossible is possible and our minds are the catalyst and bridge to that discovery.

If one says it’s impossible, show them with intelligence and ingenuity that it indeed is.

We as a receiving them in turn giving back, promise you that no stone goes unturned. By investing into the honest integrity of a growing organization, we promise compensation in a way bigger way. You will always win with RAGE and will always receive bigger return thank you rewards than the generously original gift to us by helping us become your go to website for mental growth, gifts, rewards, job opportunity, cash prizes and much more.

Through investing in the honesty and moral integrity of which we live by as a giving back to our society for the betterment of us as a whole, becoming harmonically sound and enabling our kind to be a contributing active member of a potentially bigger galactic family will surprise you. We promise that your returns will far exceed expectations and your contribution will always be of first priority in our repaying for that commitment and trust in our capabilities.

As Good as The Birth of New and Potentially Productive Life Bearing Planet, we are also in our infancy and as of any infant is in desperate need of nourishment and supportive love and care in order to become a self sustaining and independent care giver of its own back in return. With and through your help only will we become all that is surly promised to you. We promise you without any second thought about retracting anything we say to you, that you are of first priority and the reason for our existing, or promises made to you and our species as a planetary and universal force will be honored in every way imaginable.

Congratulations, your contribution and proven creative writing by submitting your work in our contest won for an outstanding prize and in turn you were eligible for a second best of the best competition amongst the years monthly winners where your again are the better content writer earning more outstanding prizes plus this time job opportunity. Your content, is now available for cash payments upon publishing it here with SAR at a contracted set price per submittal. If successful and you gain a following and an attraction to our site, permanent residence will be yours upon acceptance by you to become on the actual patrol for your remotely worked position.

We are a gravitational force here at SPACE AGE RAGE constantly pulling everyone and everything into our existence for the thorough and complete breakdown and dismantling in order to rebuild and reform our societies way of thinking. Theorizing and contemplating about subject matter of importance for humanity to understand in order to grow and become an intelligent and informative species. Don’t resist our gravitational pull, our reconstruction of your mental waves projecting onto the ways you see and realize things won’t hurt at all. Just ride the awesome wave of self discovery and fun community membership where you and your thoughts and opinions matter. Your never overlooked and will always be considered as a respectable and formidable contributor to our cause and to humanity itself.



  • Full blown blog with intellectual and honorably brave content including creative writing, constitutional rights, freedom of speech, voicing your opinions, going against the grain, question of authority, mysteries of our universe and beyond, theorizing your own ideas about everything, and more
  • Contests for creative writing by critical and in depth thinking and original content for the possible remote basis employment and your own section of the blog
  • Supporters who like, refer, donate, share, comment, follow, interact in any way drawings for cash and prizes weekly.
  • Artist competition
  • Lottery participation and prizes
  • Items of branded content with designer quality and designs that will be proud to have in your wardrobe
  • Vehicle giveaway at the two year mark for those who invest and generously contribute to the successful takeoff of SPACE AGE RAGE
  • Referral, followers, donators, sharers, and other growth contributor situations will be entered into their own individual drawings for cash and prizes
  • Consistent items from the store giveaways for all recognized as contributing member
  • Membership drawings for cash and prizes
  • And much much more.

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