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By: Jude Richard


If you think for one second of your puny insignificant life that you are some miracle or rarity in this universe of ours then you really need to disassemble then try reassembling because somewhere along the time line of your short life in comparison to the greater picture, you strayed off of the beaten and obvious path and become one of those people who think that they are superior to everyone else but you want to know the fact about that, they may be but they shit sweat like us snd that will inevitably die like and or as gruesome and or painfully as we will. This universe will eat us alive and spit us out it’s rear ended an infinite amount of times, we are not worthy enough to be considered on the micro spec chart of the tiniest insignificant unintelligent incompatible easily retractable out of our truth, convincing us that we are an alligator when we are in fact and indeed a giraffe. We know it and it knows it but still has us go against our own grain to say that we are an alligator even though we walk and use our long tongues to strip the leaves off of the branches high up on their canopy using extra long legs and fight off enemies with violently striking them with a whip of the neck and a head butt with those horny head dressing battle gear in which we display and deploy to the point of even potentially breaking our own neck. We are a giraffe and not an aquatic lizard from babies to maybes, trophies, bragging rights, kept secret, the actual measurements of the top contender but I guarantee it to be bigger than what books say and alligator keeps growing as it eats with a constant source of protein as long as their belly stays full the bigger they grow just as the dinosaurs and how they grew to be so Jurassic and turtles as well monitor lizards all of this kind same as pigmy elephant snd humans as well who get stranded by the ocean when they swim to nearest sand bank one to another the ocean rises or drops and potentially getting stuck on a remote and barren island with nothing much of nothing and as they live and evolve for generations with little anything to eat cut off from the main land continent they genetically begin to downgrade of body size to accommodate the lack of nourishment needed to sustain them as full sized. We as humans have a cut off point genetically engineered within our DNA to shut off at age 18-21 years of age so we eat a lot we get fat instead of becoming a 65 foot Joshua Lucien Gordonish Jr. the better Joshua Lucien lol! See totally made up and you bought it that I was actually the person baring that name didn’t you? Answer truthfully as a comment or do you want me to whip out my armor glove made of .99999 silver and smack the living daylights out anyone who dare challenge me a battle of the wits, I’m on the fritz, tonight at the Ritz from a beautiful lady once over with a kiss to the cheek and maybe stand nose to nose letting all our goes with the flows go to and fro you’ll say I told you so I’ve watched it sprout spring up and without a doubt too of the crop number one on top I will show you to flip and to flop sop it up with a mop crop top main stop stop watch red yellow green let off a little speed steam to conquer and redeem all that seems to be truly all my things your things is my things all these diamond rings are part of the deal what’s mine is yours without a doubt absolutely no reason to pout I’m in and I’m out confronting be will put you in a 12 round bout I only need the first fifteen coming at you full locomotive steam with all its glory bring it in face to face toe to toe blow for blow a one man wrecking crew toe to toe in an even flow go go go with the flow throw throw throw learn as you grow below below below into the beast that I am the man with the master plan makes it all sound so damn grand making everyone my fan I’m a white wonder I avoid and evade that which gives my milky luxurious a tan to hell with it all people guck even the corrupt political man you better and I surly hope you understand right now because I’m with the band throw it up see where it’ll land.


Elsewhere in the earths crust, on the moon and even in meteorites, we definitely can find samples of Uranium 0.720 percent however, samples found in Okloa, a former French colony in West Africa, the uranium 235 constituted only 0.717 percent and although a small difference in comparison was enough to alert scientists that there was something very strange going on with the minerals. There are three naturally occurring nuclear isotopes and are 238U, 235U and 234U which all have 92 protons in their nuclei, but where 235U has 143 neutrons in its nucleus, that of 238U isotopes contains 146 neutrons. The question is, is how or who had the capability 1.8-2 billion years ago to enrich the Uranium needed for fission when this is never naturally occurring. An intelligent intervention had to have been here on Earth way back then to create this element. This isotope that was extremely and surprisingly found to have happened naturally but that is an impossibly. Plus there are the cooling aspects of this process that must occur in specific intervals in accordance to the reactors pressures building up due to overheating. Modern, man-made nuclear reactors are smaller in size and they consist of crude water and the only form coolant that could be used, but only one question that comes to the mind of any intelligent mind is that how was that possible when crude water literally never existed on Earth ever in the past without human intervention.

As we all may know this occurs in a mine, which is hardly a natural structure, and that the actual uranium has obviously been mined and extracted. But by whom or what as 1.8 billion years ago there were no intelligent life forms capable of this. Or were there? This to me seems to collaborate with my beliefs that there has been many other intelligent civilizations before ours on Earth, forgotten ages due to mass extinctions because of some catastrophic events whether man made or not. Could this be an example of an ancient intelligent civilization here on Earth which ended up dying out, at their own hands playing god, as does harnessing the power of the sun as we do today. Is this actual proof of really ancient extraterrestrials whom at one time or another or many times visited and or mined our blue globe? Perhaps it all went South where a nuclear event happened or the planet was desolated because of their nuclear endeavors, only for Earth to replenish itself and clean itself time and time again. In my eyes, after much research into this, these scientists can not lie to me or tell me there was nothing intelligent involved here. This is all just too unrealistic to believe that this 235U isotope, which is made and enriched Uranium. Enrichment of Uranium is only done by intelligence of some sorts because 235U simply will not exist or ever will exist naturally. This could only could be done by an intelligent being and not just Mother Nature. Plus, then run a bigger than any of our nuclear reactors today for around 500,000 years using crude water that does not exist in nature ever and has to be intelligently created. Water with only a few contaminates per million is enough to shut down or stop fission from happening so this in itself says that it is impossible. It is a very difficult and complex endeavor as to run and maintain the necessary safety protocols and more for a successful reactor to be of a technology to run for a half of a million years with no hiccup, as of in this situation seemingly. Think of what we’ve done with our complex technology now days snd all the major mistakes we are paying for today like Chernobyl or the power plant in Japan, all the countless bombs tested all over this planet!? There are places we can not venture into for 100,000’s of years, so said, I believe more like millions of years. We are storing nuclear waste that will be toxic to all life forms for millions of years to come, under mountains and other places of sorts. What happens if a terrorist or a meteorite decides to target these areas of which could spell a dooms day planet killer, mass extinction type event. Has this happened before in the ancient remote past and the reason we know not of which or where we as a species has come from whatsoever, a species with amnesia.


According to studies, this ancient nuclear reactor was several kilometers long. Interestingly, for a large nuclear reactor like this, thermal impact towards the environment was limited to just 40 meters on all sides.This site where the mine is, is actually an advanced underground nuclear reactor that goes well beyond the capabilities of our present scientific knowledge. The findings at the Oklo site astonished and caused jaws to drop for everyone gathered there. This literally leaves experts and non-expert in disbelief as to what or who has constructed this obviously intelligently made 1.8-2 billion, yes with a B, years ago? It is believed to have ran or been in operation for 500,000 years, not even close to our understanding or capabilities as this thing was being operated by someone or something for all this time and it is so far out there that it is causing scientists to explain it away as a natural entity even though the real answers are slapping them in the face and they still refuse to attempt explain this ad their minds can not comprehend the facts. Incredibly, our modern-day nuclear reactors are really not comparable both in design and functionality with this huge mega-reactor.According to studies, this ancient nuclear reactor was several kilometers long. Interestingly, for a large nuclear reactor like this, thermal impact towards the environment was limited to just 40 meters on all sides.


So, in addition to being in a mine, this natural reactor is also of a much larger size than normal fission reactors, and manages to store nuclear waste materials via natural geological features limiting thermal signatures to about 40 meters from the reactor. But wait, there’s more:


What is surprising is that a nuclear reaction had occurred in a way that the plutonium, the by-product, was created and the nuclear reaction itself had been moderated, which is considered as a “holy grail” for atomic science.The ability to moderate the reaction means that once the reaction was initiated, it was possible to leverage the output power in a controlled way, with the ability to prevent catastrophic explosions or the release of the energy at a single time.


In other words, like all fission reactors, this one was capable of synthesizing plutonium, did so, and then prevented this from going critical and exploding by moderating the thermal neutrons that make fission chain reactions possible, by using a moderator like water or cadmium rods to slow down and absorb enough neutrons to prevent an explosion from taking place.

In other words, moderation implies that the African reactor, almost 2 billion years old, is not a natural phenomenon at all, but a deliberate product of design and intelligence:

However, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, former head of the United States Atomic Energy Commission and Nobel Prize winner for his work in the synthesis of heavy elements, pointed out that for uranium to “burn” in a reaction, conditions must be exactly right.

For example, the water involved in the nuclear reaction must be extremely pure. Even a few parts per million of contaminant will “poison” the reaction, bringing it to a halt. The problem is that no water that pure exists naturally anywhere in the world.Several specialists talked about the incredible Nuclear Reactor at Oklo, stating that at no time in the geologically estimated history of the Oklo deposits was the uranium sufficiently rich (i.e. Uranium 235) for a natural nuclear reaction to occur.When these deposits were formed in the distant past, due to the slowness of the radioactive decay of U-235, the fissionable material would have constituted only 3 percent of the total deposits — something too low, mathematically speaking, for a nuclear reaction to take place.

However, a reaction took place mysteriously, suggesting that the original uranium was far richer in Uranium 235 than it is found in a natural formation.

Therefore, simply, what this reactor suggests is first of all (1) it is the process of deliberate design (2) its sophistication is indicated by its size (3) it is almost 2 billion years old, and thus (3) constitutes corroboration of the thesis that there was a very ancient high civilization right here on Earth in the mists of High Antiquity, long before modern man appears in the genetic record. Whoever was here was not of human kind or of similar entities in relation at all but that of a species which inhabited and lived on our round blue marble we call Earth for way longer potentially than we have ourselves. They would be entities of a longevity of life and centuries of years or more advanced then we are now. As the Bible says, the people would live sometimes over 1,000 years in those days giving birth to generations upon generations in order to reestablish and repopulate the Earth after a major catastrophe or series of catastrophes over time. They were living, in my beliefs, in a time where many intelligent species were inhabitants of Earth or visitors to be nosy all at once or back to back. Did extraterrestrial beings annihilate the dinosaurs with a nuclear blast as evidence has me to believe? All of the fossils up to date which come out the ground has had to be painted with thick layers of led paint to prevent radioactive sickness among those who come in contact with them. Why were they all so radioactive? The Mayan people within their art work and written Language depict a dinosaur with its flesh and scales, who did they possibly know about how they looked when all that were supposed to be left are bones? How did this civilization know anything about any of this especially the little red planet just out of reach of the naked eye? They would have had to have outsiders knowledge or a telescope and telescopes are probably out the question. They mentioned that their original home planet was somewhere amongst the Orion’s Belt star constellation and that they were punished by the other intelligent beings gor being ignorant by forcing them to live on this inhospitable planet where their original one was paradise. They said that one day the gods will descend back down from the heavens and bring them back home, then, they disappear without one single trace, all something like over 800,000 peoples whom lived and cherished what they worked hard to build, their pyramids and cities. What proud people would leave their city’s which they worked so hard to accomplish to build? Or did they? Where did they go as no surrounding inhabitants seen them leave and you’d think at least one person seen them leave and migrate elsewhere. It is mentioned that the ancient pyramids in Giza were not made by the Egyptian people but actually stumbled upon it looking for a a new home. When they found it they saw the grandeur of these magnificent structures do the head honcho, the pharaoh at that time, decided to illegitimately clams the structures as their own, as they often done in many aspects of their lives. They would attempt to erase the pharaohs before them to insinuate that they were actually the first and only pharaoh and then that they come across them they took credit for the building of seemingly incomprehensible and impossible structures. However, the facts are set in stone most times literally as in this situation where there are water erosion signatures of a time when the Sphinx was immersed somewhat deep, ankle to calf deep, in water making this not a desert and this area became full on desert it’s believed around 10,000 years ago making the Egyptians a day late and a dollar short on their rendering of their history. The Egyptian people were only around in these parts believably around 5,000 years ago or so putting them not the builders of the great sphinx and with that pretty much said as fact, it brings the pyramids into question here on whether or not they actually built them also. The pyramids are also ancient nuclear power plants of the ancients especially in Giza as where perhaps living around their gods walking areas the Sphinx they were then visited by their gods which and whom brought many gifts in exchange for they themselves being of a useful resource to them on this planet. It is said that King Tut was a short and pear shaped fellow with webbed toes and fingers. He was said to have been very fragile in regards to all the canes and such he used thorough out life and eventually died of a non-common fall from a chariot and easily causing life threatening bone breaks and lesions, pain and agony and the reason he died so young. There are many other tales of the Egyptian people having elongated heads, perhaps emulating the extraterrestrial beings enslaving them to do their bidding and happily so as the gods had purse like things in their hands which I believe was grains and seeds of all types that did end hunter gathering all together. The malformations of Tut is also said to be from what was prevalent in those days, incest. The ETs come or descended from the heavens and created mankind in his likeness, sound familiar? This was a situation where the planet was dotted by pyramids of which aliens had us develop for them because of their awkwardness physically whether from a far journey across vast distances of space rendering them jello by not working out in space everyday. They evolved into a weak but super intelligent not needing physical attributes and could accomplish anything without needing muscle. Hell, they convinced the ancient people they were gods and the people seeing all this technology and that they come from the sky, giving us grains teaching us to stay out instead of being a hunter gather being instinctively. See, I believe that all this in actually took place when the dessert was still tropical. . These balls were discovered in South Africa in deposits that gave them an approximate age by stratigraphic dating of about 3 billion years.

Across the nation agents and law across all the boards are all buzzing with something happening in the neurological sector of Unit D, which is way beyond your present day pay scales. If military is buzzing then all non-military, veterans and all, super-buzzing. Any tech-lab geek mixing chemicals in chemistry 101 with spectacular spectacles can tell you nuclear or dirty world truce besides a few led astray countries. Anything neurological is of worldwide distasteful in nature however, super labs all over the planet, are producing planet killers. Will they be let loose by human error in the labs that should never be making such a death dealing whole cocktail of planet killing plaque or mega event everyone is dead where they stand worldwide instantaneously or really close to it. A zombie holocaust? I seriously doubt it unless some super tech geek mind takeover germ or disease like the parasite which takes over the brains of snails and even makes it function via brain hack. This lab rat must be somewhat, demonic in nature mean, I personally am a non-believer in heaven or hell. He must be an in control all the time freak and dangerous playing with that which could wipe out humanity if they have a sudden fit of rage one day at his wife. Such situations must be highly monitored but I am of knowledge of there being cashes and magazines of unknown and or private unmilitary presence. Off the grid, dig your dugout, embed in and shoot the shit with the enemies incoming bombs hoping your dugout don’t become your tomb. Give yourself plenty room packed away into enemy soil hoping they don’t hit your piece of dirt thumping your back asking you if you want a case of death. To be continued….

I hope you all like a story like that of which will have mega, or Jurassic I should say, proportions of in debt and structured perspective with millions of years of being a species with history and intelligence and having close to everything figured out in so many ways on so many levels. It’s mental really…haha! And for your information I did laugh out loud right there.

The Black Death, Spanish Flu, Covid-19 then D V & now Super D V……?! What is next a lab mutation accidentally released while the lab rat is distracted.

Who wants to k is what Bitcoin will be doing as for as price and why in the next couple years?

Bitcoin will be like lightning soon

Bitcoin will be skyrocketing here very shortly. Reason for that is simple, very simple! Supply and demand!

With this a huge concept in any economy supply and demand is the balance of price and quantity within the marketplace of any government or world population. When there are an abundance of goods in the market available for one and all the prices lower and demand isn’t as highly. However if the supply is diminished and the demand is high for any given product then the cost skyrockets and demand is high.

Bitcoin is at a standstill or stagnant position within the market. People want them and demand is high but with Bitcoin it is a truly different and difficult market. There are only a certain amount out there available and yet to be available as they are mined by the world and found. There is also a set number that will ever be available to the open market.

With this being said and the technology of the beast, Bitcoin on the open market available for purchase, trade, sell or holding are consistently being loss within the blockchain itself. People die and people lose their wallets keys and or pass phrases or words and so are the coin that are in them, forever. Since they are impossible to crack due to the encryption security nature of the pass keys, etc.

One such Bitcoin wallet in the UK with over 200 million of Bitcoin which is forever locked within the owners original hard drive. This primitive, in comparison to today’s terms, was stored as broken but with the miners information all on it. It was accidentally thrown away and with a total Bitcoin amount in the hundreds of millions. He has been attempting to get the government to allow him in to search for it but due to hazardous reasons he has been rejected over and over again. This is the only way of retrieving these lost for ever Bitcoin. What are the odds of him even finding it in the first place among the potentially millions or other hard drives and other consumer garbage that the landfill holds. The weather has and the pollution as well has degraded this things anyways over two years.

This is an undeniable fact that as time passes the numbers of Bitcoin will diminish. This will cause a craze for Bitcoin as the Bitcoin available for harvest diminishes. The price has soared to 60K+ so far and this is only one Bull Run that will be tiny in comparison to the upcoming numbers that we will see in the near future, then fluctuate up and down with much room for profit in the middle. Now is the perfect time to invest and capitalize on this, stuff dreams are made of and fortunes are and will be made from.


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If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!
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