Who wants to k is what Bitcoin will be doing as for as price and why in the next couple years?

Bitcoin will be like lightning soon

Bitcoin will be skyrocketing here very shortly. Reason for that is simple, very simple! Supply and demand!

With this a huge concept in any economy supply and demand is the balance of price and quantity within the marketplace of any government or world population. When there are an abundance of goods in the market available for one and all the prices lower and demand isn’t as highly. However if the supply is diminished and the demand is high for any given product then the cost skyrockets and demand is high.

Bitcoin is at a standstill or stagnant position within the market. People want them and demand is high but with Bitcoin it is a truly different and difficult market. There are only a certain amount out there available and yet to be available as they are mined by the world and found. There is also a set number that will ever be available to the open market.

With this being said and the technology of the beast, Bitcoin on the open market available for purchase, trade, sell or holding are consistently being loss within the blockchain itself. People die and people lose their wallets keys and or pass phrases or words and so are the coin that are in them, forever. Since they are impossible to crack due to the encryption security nature of the pass keys, etc.

One such Bitcoin wallet in the UK with over 200 million of Bitcoin which is forever locked within the owners original hard drive. This primitive, in comparison to today’s terms, was stored as broken but with the miners information all on it. It was accidentally thrown away and with a total Bitcoin amount in the hundreds of millions. He has been attempting to get the government to allow him in to search for it but due to hazardous reasons he has been rejected over and over again. This is the only way of retrieving these lost for ever Bitcoin. What are the odds of him even finding it in the first place among the potentially millions or other hard drives and other consumer garbage that the landfill holds. The weather has and the pollution as well has degraded this things anyways over two years.

This is an undeniable fact that as time passes the numbers of Bitcoin will diminish. This will cause a craze for Bitcoin as the Bitcoin available for harvest diminishes. The price has soared to 60K+ so far and this is only one Bull Run that will be tiny in comparison to the upcoming numbers that we will see in the near future, then fluctuate up and down with much room for profit in the middle. Now is the perfect time to invest and capitalize on this, stuff dreams are made of and fortunes are and will be made from.

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