Son Of A Gun

Welcome one and all we are gonna have a ball❓

Cause we gonna party like it’s 1999 alright ❓❗️💯

We are going to have fun here and have fun there and we gonna have all kinds of fun everywhere a fun fun❗️

Something I sketched up just now Piers Grey‼️

We gonna have a ton of fun we gonna run in the sun calling one another son of a guns❗️

I guarantee nothing will be left undone I hope one of mine is never having a so ‼️

I bedep bedep dats all folks‼️

We will overcome we will shock and awe we will stand tall. We will never take a bow or fall at the hands of our enemies we answer that call❗️

So do not delay do not stall for not wait until the fall put that date up on the calendar up on the wall this is not something you’ll find in the mall❗️

Because flat in your face you’ll fall and back up to your feet is up to you to haul bet you wish you were in an all catered hall‼️

When it’s all done and said with down coming begging and crawling end up with a guy named Paul carrying you last name Barrer‼️❓💯❗️💀

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