A mother, a woman of despair and grief riddled mental disorder among her peers as an OUTSTANDING care giver of the elderly. An LPN fighting on the front lines putting her life and the lives around her at risk to save lives as well as make a living. These kind of people during the COVID-19 outbreak was out there in fear of contracting it while the media are screaming to stay home. They selfishly give up everything to save lives despite the actual outcome.

They personally know grief and pain, mystery and failure. The need to know it’s not there fault and that the are appreciated and we need them here.

I want all of you to please give a round of applause for one of the nurses LPN’s battling it still on the front lines taking fire from all directions. Looking death and fear in the eye and going 12 rounds or more toe to toe without flinching because of knowledge that if you show fear in the smallest way it’ll smell it on you. Then it’ll overwhelm you and swarm you conform you and disarm you of your only true protection, your poker face.

Encourage her to come forth she has lost a son and been through the ringer. She needs supporters and those with similar issues to which know her pain as only a parent could realize at the loss of your child. I can’t understand it but I can understand to an extent but unless you’ve experienced such loss you’ll never be allowed to relate on levels I know each other could.

Y’all begin a group a support group!

Oh! Okay! Words just in! BREAKING NEWS A NEW OFFICIAL WRITER JOINING HER FOR A JOURNEY of a mother’s never fully but somewhat repair. Also, ones fight against the crooked laws that governed the situation of her sons death.

Follow and stay tuned even message us

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