If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

The Bitcoin address we need each and everyone of you kindly contribute to help grow our business and blog here! 25% goes to charity’s around the world.We aim to and we will change the world.
This is cyber space in motion, we all unite and take our financial freedoms back and stop breaking our back for the man, we make him a million he gives us 1$ back. This is the start of Make Bold Moves campaign to allow even the little guy invest to become rich with what the rich know that we don’t and they keep from us to keep us down.
Leave your information and donation amount and you’ll receive a free t-shirt if over 20 dollars and and amount investment and information into our real estate pool.

So, who’s with me huh guys and gals? Let’s be our own global bank system, digital, the new generation and beyond. This is a complete 360 degree 180 and untamed world with internet cowboys robbing stage coaches and banks only digitally as in hackers and malware.

I’ve got all the software, blockchain data base, insurance up to $1,000,000 insurance legality and investment knowledge. Put money into my hands and I’ll invest it for a quick profit by putting your money to work for you and not the other way around.

Stocks, bonds, real estate and trust me, more etc.. With precious metals affiliates, crypto currency digitally hot wired into our skin and full banking capabilities FDIC. A retail super mall online just for crypto currency. If you wish to buy an item there and have no digital assets hit up our bitshier where you have an array of opportunities into owning the digital asset needed for you business at the Digital Market.

You could be a merchant, customer, investor, employee and the opportunities are endless. You could sell art or poetry on the open market you earn online because that’s exactly where our planets world currencies are going, they will become one.

They will all lawfully and willing fully shed that disgusting unity crusher of a system. We need to finally become one as a species, here and right now, hear me recruit!? And FYI, being called a recruit is the worst thing to be called in basic training because it means subconsciously that you are nothing there and until pass-and-review and you officially dawn that Navy ball cap you are puke compared to these highly polished 1st Class Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers amongst the upper chain of command unseen but not unheard.

If we truly are an intelligent species then lets disallow politicians controlling and dictating the treasury and federal government who then dictate people’s pay checks and who’s poor and who’s filthy stinking rich. During the pandemic, did any of them help us, especially the poor people and those on SSI, SSDI and VA?

Washington was at Camp David secluded from the population living it up playing golf and having expensive catered meals, caviar and bubbly. They wore dinner attire and night gowns, tuxedos and business three-piece suits while smoking Cuban cigars and admiring their wallets. The population was under a damn near full blown civil unrest, Civil War 2, Martial law near declared distributing more conflict and cornage upon it’s own people. There is something wrong here. Our families battling one another over toilet paper inside the Dollar Store and Walmarts all over the country.

Medical supplies and equipment supply failure in the most of a global pandemic. Didn’t our governments of this world with all that money we line politicians pockets with called taxes, realize the what ifs? Who else besides me agrees with my assumption, before thebpandemic, that we were and/or were ready for such a disaster? What happens if it’s worst next time and next time so happens to be next week? We been to be smarter as a species and do away with polluting out planet with muscular waste.

They make us believe that it is a clean and sufficient energy source however, that can not be so much more further from the truth. And with all these other alternatives, Earthwill soon one maybe a nuclear waste land full of radioactive biological life Cancer and diseased ridden.

Stripping Mother Earth of her natural resources like a pestilence or a leach purging on her bountifulsplender until she’s all baren and dried up with gluten intentions and pocket book fastener. All these politicias and big wig elite tycoon million and billionaire societies in junction with the real rulers of the world such as the Vatican and Royality estates are sectioned lands untouchable by any military or and country.

They all know this and the consequences where every one in their military are Navy SEAL or equivalent in training. Sovereign state’sor a sovereign state, a state of sovereignty. What is the definition of a sovereign state? A supreme ruler, especially monarch, Royalty or supreme ruler to whom? Us presents whom must ignore the wrongs they have done and look the other way! Or what? We must defy those who are better and more valuable than us, bow to them like they don’t bleed and shit like we do. Does their crap smell sweeter than most? What if it were my life or theirs, yours or theirs?

Possessing Supremeor Ultimate power. In modern Democracy the peoples will is in theory sovereign. In the Christian Bible God is Sovergn. India is also called a sovereign country because it is it’s own supreme law and not a matter of any additional state or nation. It’s independent of any external intervention in it’s domestic operations. (Wikipedia)(Google) That means they are pretty much untouchable and any world law is bought my money, lust and greed.

There was where those billionaire were having young children imported from all over the world as sex slaves for all these sick rich snobs. Money is the root of all evil and the source for all things, good or bad, in which happens in our world.

Everything and anything that happens occurs because of money it is what makes the world go round. Digital peer to peer pure entropy where it is the people who control and dictate where the money goes or is. No treasury, no banks, no “gold” guarded at Fort Knocks! A form or radicalization?!?

Take back what is rightfully ours. Why some states can dedicate themselves with cannabis and cannabis related products and others can not. We are being denied our rights as Americans. All Americas should be equal in rights and everyone knows it, sees it and does not like it. Hoooock….tooie! Upon your shoe as I chew on my Copenhagen chaw. I don’t give two shits if you do not like that or anything else I may have on my adjenda for you.

I call it like I see it and I play them as they deal them. Sometimes, times calls for brutal tongue lashing but you’ll get over it shortly enough! You will never regret paying me a visit although, that’s for certain.

Interested in brand newvantminers? Plug and play passive income and consistent inflow of cryptocurrency? Message us ill get your 100,000 miners farm going running on pure natural and free source of energy, solar power baby! Electrifying cryptocurrency and true free money mining what ever coin you so choose mine because they all go up in value. Y’all listen to me and do it, do it now, listen to me and invest into crypto now and don’t say I didn’t warn you to buy while prices are still considered, in my book, to be low. Hit me up, I’ll throw your one dollar into our real estate where you’ll earn dividends even as a one dollar investor. This is so everyone has a fair chance under the federal fair trade commissions and or organizations. If you have a dollar throw it into our fund after messaging us and get your proper none-personal information. Easy and simple, quick and professional, by the books under my llc., BREAKING GLASS LLC.

One thought on “If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

  1. Hey all you likes on this subject!? I want to personally invite you to be an investor and this is a legitimate venture to make money passively. This is officially up and running okay and our second prize pool now is open for investors. One dollar and I’ll send tour contracts and your dividends from the next property investment once the pool is filled. When filled it will become a four year venture investment that can not be reversed. The more you invest the more you will receive upon remodeling investment #2 which is if you decide to invest 100K into this one million dollar home home buy which you will be part owner of. Legal contacts drawn up through Legal Zoom and guaranteed. If you invest initially 100K then know you will be responsible for another 100K once we buy and put a renter in it. We pay one million for a piece of ran down real estate but not to the point where we can not put in a renter then everyone matches their original investment to add up to another one million we then use to do major renovations and or additions to the home significantly raising value plus four years of this plus paying the mortgage with the rent money raising the value of the property. This in four years all together will turn that two million dollar investment into a 15 million dollar home or more then sell dividing all profits back to investors. So after out services fees if you put 100K in and 10 million is divided between investors you’ll have turned your 100K into one million in four years time message me to get in on this


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