Anyone ever wonders where and why we are and everything is, where it all come from or where will it all go? Some of the age old questions that has lingered amongst our species’s consciousness since the dawn of our existence on this crazy rock bolting through the expansiveness of space time.

This is for great minds only!

What is time anyway? It literally is a figment if mans imagination, a creation of our consciousness. A creation from the solar evolutions and movements in order for us to navigate the seasons or the planting and harvesting seasons. Celestial revelations of heavenly embodiments slingshotting one another into a constant oblivion.

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What has a beginning must have an end and what ends must have a beginning right? Wrong, according to my brain matter as it shoots amongst the stars into constant and unrelenting thought processes that would drive normal beings mad. In my view point into this evolutionary consonance, everything that we know of and conceive to be real is born to die, therefore, it all dies to be reborn.

It’s a constant struggle of the fittest, the biggest and baddest prevail where the smaller and weak are eaten whole and reduced into recyclable waist matter only to be reformatted and molded to be fitted with new habits and traits of genealogical and biological enhancements with a string of DNA to rival the previous only strengthening itself with every generation. That is until natural selection comes around and lays down its unlawful and ruthless stomping foot laced with steel toes and the durability to outlast the best that the DNA has to offer.

Viruses and germs evolve into monsters sometimes to turn the tides of battle every once in a while to prevail over nature’s best. Sometimes evolve too much and either dominate its victims or commits unintentional suicide with overloads of ammunition overwhelming itself while producing an overkill on its host.

The Big Bang theory is only a theory and is completely incomprehensible in the concept of the singularity conundrum. There was a Big Bang in a since but not in retrospect as the theory of everything comes from nothing, a single point in space. What is nothing and how does something spontaneously come from nothing? It’s inconceivable and incomprehensible in my grey matters route to explaining realistically and fundamentally how the physics and mathematics of how evolution revolves and swirls, comes and goes, repeats and recycles constantly consuming itself in its true mysterious grandeur. The conception of such a notion makes zero since.

Infinite celestial entity and presence is the, unfathomable to our puny minds, selective concept that we must digest here. Everything always was and therefore always will be. It’s hard to imagine or grasp this concept and is the reason why most experts dismiss the notion that this could actually be. One dismisses that what they do not understand and tend to run from the fear that their brain is that so much insignificant that they can not conceive the reality that everything we know to exist could actually be a for ever presence.

How could this be when we live in a world where everything has a beginning so this must have an end. This is, however, only human logic and not actual realistic concepts in which we will never understand. This scares experts whom have a constant notion that they can solve any equation one may throw their way. Fact is that the infinite universe is so grand that we will never, if our species lives to be a trillion years of age, know everything that there is to know about everything that there is out there.

Then there is the concept of a multi-universe which I believe is 100% possible and logical as space has an infinite life cycle so does the actual emptiness and vastness of actual space. If there are multi-demential or multi-universes or perhaps, as I believe, an infinite number of universes then what does the universes that exist amongst and besides one another actually exist in? Infinity is the word when it comes to the universe and space in general as a whole when it comes down to all the mega-demential subject matter like the size of space or the life span of it all. Everything dealing with it all in its wholeness and grandeur is in infinite increments and scale.

The actual Big Bang is indeed a violent and extremely large, large in infinite proportions, explosions ever to grace the cosmos. It is the beginning of an end, the death of but also the beginning of an infinite cycle of infinite mega occurrences. The universe, one of many with the same revolutions but probably in different time frames, some in their infancy stage and some elderly and dying, always dies to be born and then born to die in an infinite cycle never ending and consistently evolving.

One day the stars, if humans could possible survive the suns swelling into a red giant before imploding in on itself creating a white dwarf but not before swallowing up Earth and possible Mars as well, stand on this planet with no atmosphere if it does survive, would not see a single star in the sky. The Earth would be a frozen rock stripped of its life giving atmosphere long ago by the suns temperament in its hunger stage as it ran out of hydrogen, the product gas that creates nuclear fusion and the engine of the solar giant. It would be the temperature of the vacuum of space itself at 550 degrees below. The heavenly bodies we all know and love in the night sky and all objects will have traveled so far apart from one another that light itself, traveling at 187,000 miles per second, would not be able to reach each other anymore.

Dark matter that exists in its quiet and silent unseen state which acts like a spider web and is the glue of time space itself. As planetary entities revolve in its abyss it produced gravitational waves due to their enormous sizes and actually contorting and constricting, bending it to its will making it do as it commands and causing ripples that bend the time space continuum warping time and light itself. The bending of this is the reason why it is know that the worm hole concept could actually be possible. Perhaps, if we could travel that 187K miles per second, the speed of light, or even beyond that it could be an actual possibility of time travel or perhaps folding two single and separate points in time space at distances impossible for humans to travel, even at that speed from one another to create a worm hole.

This concept is like a piece of paper with a dot drawn on each end representing distance between each other. Take the paper and fold it where the two dots meet and touch and poke a hole into the paper at the dots points turning a once vast expanse of space and time into a very short distance.

If we had a space craft that would be capable of light speed and we decided to travel across our own Milky Way galaxy it would take 100,000 years in order to accomplish this feat. What may seem to the ones watching on Earth to be 100,000 years would seem more like 10,000 years for us on the craft moving at that speed therefore actually contorting and distorting, bending it to its will, the very fabric of the time space continuum to the point time itself does not follow the laws of physics.

So now as the celestial bodies move faster and faster apart from the epic center that was the Big Bang and once thought to be slowing down, reaches a make or break point of no return. Either it all Tripp’s the dark matter to shreds and it all just goes tumbling into the unknown edges of the universe and forever lost or it will, like a rubber band reach a stretch point only to recoil and implode the everything of known back upon itself and back to the center epic center.

Like it always has done and as they all have always done, it explodes, expands, has fun with its chaotic life cycle, reaches its breaking point, then implodes in upon itself. This is infinite expansion, then an infinite race back to the starting line, then infinite density creating infinite heat and infinite gravity and other unknown stuff beyond of imagination to exist. It’s overwhelming and infinite density, time warping gravitational embodiment and unimaginable infinite heat created by this all creates a chain reaction almost like the splitting of an atom only on an infinite scale. This in turn provides all the ingredients to create a mega universe expansion cycle all over again and this cycle happens over the course of an infinite amount of time as conceivable to our unknowing and never understanding intellectual evolution that would never have enough time to develop beyond the point that we might actually understand.

It is the all time conundrum that has complexed generations since the beginning of time with its simplicity but ever eluding concept of which came first? The chicken or the egg? The answer to that is and will still always be a mystery and misconception but perhaps it was neither or maybe both. Heck, any answer to this would do in consideration that I don’t give two shits because why ponder over something that we will never know the answer too. Just assume ponder upon something more constructive such as a singularity that makes the brilliant mind who come up with that bullshit seem like the numbskull overthinking dip shit that he/she is. Sorry but I call it like I see it and I see bull dune at its finest with a college degree that cost an untold amount of money only to come up with something that a rock eating caveman would have come up with.

So, if there are universes amongst universes, what is the actual space called that they exist in? If there is a Big Bang to create a universe amongst infinite universes then was there a super massive Big Bang that created a universe, so to speak, for the infinite universes to dwell and exist in? Do they all expand as well over an infinite amount of time only to implode back upon themselves like a single universe does to then have their own infinite existence within an existence? We are so minuscule in comparison to what we actually know of to exist and what we can see to be real despite what we don’t.

For us to travel to the nearest star it would take us 73,000 years to arrive moving at 17.3 km/s. This would take a craft with a longevity of an unknown technology, an unimaginable amount of nearly 1000 generations of human beings, antigravity technology, seed banks, capabilities and knowledge of how to create, evolve, revolutionize, develop, invent, recycle everything and accomplish many feats that would only be known through the experience of actual living and dying generation after generation for thousands of years aboard a space fairing vessel. All this without never knowing Mother Earth and possibly totally forgetting about her existence through the cold, vast, and endless void of time and space. Perhaps this is how we became a species with amnesia today.

We know nothing of our past, where we come from, our ancient capabilities or technological advancements lost to time. We know nothing of our purpose or how we came to be or even when we arrived in the sands of time. We will never know quite possibly as we are taught in school lies and misconceptions that we evolved from apes and that this is our first run as a technological and advanced species. This is a subject that could never be farther from the truth because in actuality we have uncovered and continue to uncover artifacts, languages of old, bits and pieces to the puzzle that clearly states and stresses that we are at our dumbest as a species and that we have been way farther advanced as a species in the distant past and have accomplished things left behind in all its spectacular possibilities of once being way more advanced than we could even fathom or understand today.

These magnificent chapters in time left for us as proof that we done things that have the greatest minds of our time scratching their heads, jaws to the floor, pondering how it all was possible or how it all even was developed and accomplished. They hide this stuff from the history books and brush it all off in an attempt to avoid not being able to understand, explain, or comprehend the radical genius of our predecessors. They are embarrassed that they have no clue and would sound stupid or not want to be the one to go down in history as the one who had that stupid explanation that turned out to be randomly stupid.

Our ancient ancestors were doing things that puts modern technological advancements and considered far advanced in history to shame and in actuality leaves us in the dust with a distance of ancient amounts of time between us on our way to the finish line.

So, my friends, this is only my thoughts and opinions developed over many years of thought and daydreaming with actual physics, history, and science in mind. A little facts, a little imagination, a little common since and I have a receipt for critical thinking and developing ideas that make since to me. We all see things differently and have our own opinions but the heart of it all is the ones who are the bravest to voice their opinions without fear of being ridiculed or mocked by ignorant know it alls with expensive college degrees that say they read a book on a subject with no common since to what reality revolves around in our world. They look at an elephant and call it an ant because on a mathematical error or because another says that is what it is. I like to create my own theories and concepts about our universal existence and everything in it and challenges dip shits like that’s opinions. Their disgust that someone like myself would even question their misconceptions and explanations about a subject they studied for four to six years that make no since to me. I make more logical since than most their boneheaded idealizations from so called educated guess work. To me if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it is a duck and not call it a giraffe just because a book says that’s what it is or because they are followers following, blindly with brown noses, their predecessors with the attempt of getting a star on their test. Be open minded my friends, think for yourself even if it goes against the grain, if you know your right don’t back down to a degree. Real creative thinking is where all the greatest genius’s in history overcome mountains of criticism and judgments to become who we see them as today. Fear of your own voice will leave you and your intelligence in the dark where those who aren’t as bright as you what you to be and insult others to keep them buried so that their no since can shine. This is how our schools are full of text books and jokers teaching false history, because ignorance buried the truth so that it can tell false stories that it claims is history because of their lack of understanding. They just want to go about the lies of the past because it’s easier and too lazy to pick up a shovel and dig up the truth in its purest to teach to our youth so that we may evolve in our species developmental reign. Ignorant ass holes are holding the truth back and holding out species back from critical advancements before time runs out and it’s too late to avoid something that we very well could have. Every second is special and vital to our ever ending need for advancement to ourselves and technology. We must stop burying our past sweeping it under the rug depriving our future and youth of the growth sustenance that their intelligence needs. This is stupid it’s like not feeding your pride and joy child starving him/her of vital nutrients and vitamins stunting their growth physically and mentally for shits and giggles. A parent is supposed to be the vein for their fruit and to supply it with what it needs to be nice, plump, and healthy. If we fail to nourish ourselves, our planet, our civilization and advancements, technological genius, and all the thing that make us great, beautiful, succulent, and/or love for what’s real then we will forever go down as the stupidest so called intelligent life forms in the whole universes upon universes upon infinite universes. We will be the laughing stock of all the species in our intergalactic family of intelligence. Perhaps the reason we haven’t confirmed another intelligence out there yet is because they don’t want us to find them. We may not even compete with their intelligence form and we may not even be acknowledged as intelligent to others out there. They may not even know we even exist because of our insignificance and ignorance. They may see us as more like a rock or a branch in comparison as we see a rock or a branch. Maybe we are a tv sitcom for them to laugh and point fingers, if they have them, at. Or perhaps we nothing but a science experience to them. Lastly before I leave it at this and save some for another blog, perhaps they are just waiting for us to evolve into beings of a more complex and intricate existence of peace and moderation. Waiting for us to surpass the stage of our lack of intelligence to become a more logical and problem solving species without violence. Waiting for us to be able to solve problems, run ourselves and our planet through conversation and not bullets. To become independent and fully capable of being trusted with our own planet. Take care of her and prolong her resources and lifespan giving us time to develop technology to leave one day if need be for survival.

~Jude Richard

~AKA Piers Grey

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