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You see, the way I see existence In our universe our significance and or insignificance within our solar system our galaxy I would know if you were that lies within an infinite amount of other galaxies they literally go on forever at light speed for a few years you would never cross the whole of the universe. The universe is a self sustainable and decentralized controlled atmosphere closed system self sustain slowly deterioration in controlled chaos all ultimately victims of entropy, down to the last atom that makes up everything. do universe is one of many universes so if all galaxies are within a universe what is all universes within universe of the universe is? We are human like to pretend that we are of some higher significance but in all reality are insignificance is the ultimate deciding factor our faith we are what we live for why we go we are not even in comparison to the sands of the world how many grains of sand are there in the world if comparison to the universe our bodies we as people or not even an atom of a grain of sand we’re nothing our time in our existence our consciousness I’m very busy self identity how we present ourselves our education who we are where we live or we come from what we’ve experienced in life are scores with bones were broken we all eat sleep and shit the same. There is a word that starts with the letter in that is very dissed tasteful and disrespectful to our African-American or dark skin brothers and the definition of the word is ignorance. In my point of you I think that anyone can be that word a red man or yellow man, a Brown man or hell even a purple man he would have to come from outer space I would think. I don’t know if the purple man will have all the same anatomy as we do but if intelligence is anything like ours and he would communicate with us and be friendly with us then. we are all the same we all have blue blood before it exits the body hitting oxygen causing it to turn on the room cover we all had to take a dump just like if each and everyone of us will cry sleep eat brush our teeth all the same we drive vehicles the same way we walk it’s all the same upright homoerrectus Netherlands Cromagnon man evolved from walking grasslands to reach up into the fruit trees for forage on natures sweet treats so walking upright for distances to gather as hunter gatherers eventually evolution transformed the hip bones from an animal of all fours to upright and also curving toes like apes have how they stick out instead of forward and straight for upright posture. We somehow went from 38 or 40 chromosomes and two sex species then to 40 and then 42 chromosomes. Somewhere in there the light switch of consciousness was clicked on as well as intelligence to greater our chances of survival as a barely hanging on species. We killed the other humanoid species with out bigger brain. Now we are 44+2 going on 46+2. What will that human advancement be? Telepathically speak with one another minds with the intelligence of the Internet.


What is time? An undefined rhyme? What we rarly realize is the true definition of the actual concept of time and space, reality and and it’s physics. It is all a man realization of out actual cosmic journey in which in harmonic but eratic relations between our planet and the sun. For as long as mankind has been around, at least on this planet, we have been awestruck and obsessed with the planets, the sun and our solar system. We once believed that the sun, or in ancient times called Sol which is where the term Solar System originated and the center of all creation that makes us be, was a god. It’s power and it’s unimaginable and seemingly impossibility of reality seems to most to be so far from anything we could possibly imagine to be realistic. Many mistake galaxies or star systems as to be all considered Solar Systems but in all actuality the sun and its group of planets which make up our Milky Way is actually the only one with this name and it is named after our original name for it, Sol so this makes us the only one named Solar System. All stars are different. There are super giants and there are small ones which live longer than the biggest stars. The bigger ones take much more fuel but burns it faster then it eventually runs out much like our star, the sun, will around 5.5 billion years from now but starting to run out of hydrogen, which makes nuclear fusion possible, around 1.5 billion from now. It will get cranky as we do when we are hungry as it will pitch a fit expanding enough to swallow Earth and all planets or anything in it’s way up to and potentially even Mars. The hydrogen will begin to diminish as when it’s gone that is it, it implodes back in on itself. The hydrogen remaining on it’s surface becomes too heavy for it’s byproduct in which it leaves behind after spent which is lighter than the hydrogen and the stars helium can no longer support the hydrogens weight therefore it will fall in on itself all the way to its core going from supermassive to just it’s core in a supernova, the only known largest explosion we know of besides the big bang which we are still being effected by today and will feel until, in my theory, the force from the blast dies and stops pushing everything from it’s epicenter. Then it stops for a split second and all the dark matter that holds it all together like a rubber and will either pop or break and everything will just fall into spaces unknown all ending in a cold futureless death. Or, it will stop for a second when the rubber band is stretched to it’s max and implodes back in on itself again as it’s done an infinite amount of times before and will an infinite amount of times after. It all in a flash will implode back to the center or the epicenter where it with infinite pressure and density contract an infinite amount of density causing infinite amounts of friction which we all know creates infinite amounts of heat until critical mass is reached and it, BOOM, another Big Bang is initiated to restart it’s whole cycle again. Everything we know runs in cycles, from a woman’s menstrual cycle, the moon and the tides, the sun and the Earth creating days that add up to 365 per year counted by how long it takes for the Earth to complete a rotation on it’s axis with it’s surface facing the sun creating a 24 hour day and then the Earths time it takes to circle around the sun completing one full rotation to get a 365, 24 hour a day year. This is our concept of a year and each and every star system are different as to the timing so to really think about it of aliens ever did pay this floating revolving blue marble called Earth then their day, if they even go by the solstices on their planet, might be a 100 hour day if their planet revolved on it’s axis and takes 100 hours to make a full rotation. This making it slower than Earth and depending on girth will depend on the level of gravity. So, our ancient ancestor that improved our make and model to a better intellectually equipped brain to go along with out muscle, which the ETs seen as a strength against them and must never allow us to figure it all out as we would declare mutany against our deceivers and take back our lives stopping the mining and the ETs stranded and hated by a stronger and now intelligent species. The ET’s would consider this a disaster to their mission and


Anyone ever wonders where and why we are and everything is, where it all come from or where will it all go? Some of the age old questions that has lingered amongst our species’s consciousness since the dawn of our existence on this crazy rock bolting through the expansiveness of space time.

This is for great minds only!

What is time anyway? It literally is a figment if mans imagination, a creation of our consciousness. A creation from the solar evolutions and movements in order for us to navigate the seasons or the planting and harvesting seasons. Celestial revelations of heavenly embodiments slingshotting one another into a constant oblivion.

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What has a beginning must have an end and what ends must have a beginning right? Wrong, according to my brain matter as it shoots amongst the stars into constant and unrelenting thought processes that would drive normal beings mad. In my view point into this evolutionary consonance, everything that we know of and conceive to be real is born to die, therefore, it all dies to be reborn.

It’s a constant struggle of the fittest, the biggest and baddest prevail where the smaller and weak are eaten whole and reduced into recyclable waist matter only to be reformatted and molded to be fitted with new habits and traits of genealogical and biological enhancements with a string of DNA to rival the previous only strengthening itself with every generation. That is until natural selection comes around and lays down its unlawful and ruthless stomping foot laced with steel toes and the durability to outlast the best that the DNA has to offer.

Viruses and germs evolve into monsters sometimes to turn the tides of battle every once in a while to prevail over nature’s best. Sometimes evolve too much and either dominate its victims or commits unintentional suicide with overloads of ammunition overwhelming itself while producing an overkill on its host.

The Big Bang theory is only a theory and is completely incomprehensible in the concept of the singularity conundrum. There was a Big Bang in a since but not in retrospect as the theory of everything comes from nothing, a single point in space. What is nothing and how does something spontaneously come from nothing? It’s inconceivable and incomprehensible in my grey matters route to explaining realistically and fundamentally how the physics and mathematics of how evolution revolves and swirls, comes and goes, repeats and recycles constantly consuming itself in its true mysterious grandeur. The conception of such a notion makes zero since.

Infinite celestial entity and presence is the, unfathomable to our puny minds, selective concept that we must digest here. Everything always was and therefore always will be. It’s hard to imagine or grasp this concept and is the reason why most experts dismiss the notion that this could actually be. One dismisses that what they do not understand and tend to run from the fear that their brain is that so much insignificant that they can not conceive the reality that everything we know to exist could actually be a for ever presence.

How could this be when we live in a world where everything has a beginning so this must have an end. This is, however, only human logic and not actual realistic concepts in which we will never understand. This scares experts whom have a constant notion that they can solve any equation one may throw their way. Fact is that the infinite universe is so grand that we will never, if our species lives to be a trillion years of age, know everything that there is to know about everything that there is out there.

Then there is the concept of a multi-universe which I believe is 100% possible and logical as space has an infinite life cycle so does the actual emptiness and vastness of actual space. If there are multi-demential or multi-universes or perhaps, as I believe, an infinite number of universes then what does the universes that exist amongst and besides one another actually exist in? Infinity is the word when it comes to the universe and space in general as a whole when it comes down to all the mega-demential subject matter like the size of space or the life span of it all. Everything dealing with it all in its wholeness and grandeur is in infinite increments and scale.

The actual Big Bang is indeed a violent and extremely large, large in infinite proportions, explosions ever to grace the cosmos. It is the beginning of an end, the death of but also the beginning of an infinite cycle of infinite mega occurrences. The universe, one of many with the same revolutions but probably in different time frames, some in their infancy stage and some elderly and dying, always dies to be born and then born to die in an infinite cycle never ending and consistently evolving.

One day the stars, if humans could possible survive the suns swelling into a red giant before imploding in on itself creating a white dwarf but not before swallowing up Earth and possible Mars as well, stand on this planet with no atmosphere if it does survive, would not see a single star in the sky. The Earth would be a frozen rock stripped of its life giving atmosphere long ago by the suns temperament in its hunger stage as it ran out of hydrogen, the product gas that creates nuclear fusion and the engine of the solar giant. It would be the temperature of the vacuum of space itself at 550 degrees below. The heavenly bodies we all know and love in the night sky and all objects will have traveled so far apart from one another that light itself, traveling at 187,000 miles per second, would not be able to reach each other anymore.

Dark matter that exists in its quiet and silent unseen state which acts like a spider web and is the glue of time space itself. As planetary entities revolve in its abyss it produced gravitational waves due to their enormous sizes and actually contorting and constricting, bending it to its will making it do as it commands and causing ripples that bend the time space continuum warping time and light itself. The bending of this is the reason why it is know that the worm hole concept could actually be possible. Perhaps, if we could travel that 187K miles per second, the speed of light, or even beyond that it could be an actual possibility of time travel or perhaps folding two single and separate points in time space at distances impossible for humans to travel, even at that speed from one another to create a worm hole.

This concept is like a piece of paper with a dot drawn on each end representing distance between each other. Take the paper and fold it where the two dots meet and touch and poke a hole into the paper at the dots points turning a once vast expanse of space and time into a very short distance.

If we had a space craft that would be capable of light speed and we decided to travel across our own Milky Way galaxy it would take 100,000 years in order to accomplish this feat. What may seem to the ones watching on Earth to be 100,000 years would seem more like 10,000 years for us on the craft moving at that speed therefore actually contorting and distorting, bending it to its will, the very fabric of the time space continuum to the point time itself does not follow the laws of physics.

So now as the celestial bodies move faster and faster apart from the epic center that was the Big Bang and once thought to be slowing down, reaches a make or break point of no return. Either it all Tripp’s the dark matter to shreds and it all just goes tumbling into the unknown edges of the universe and forever lost or it will, like a rubber band reach a stretch point only to recoil and implode the everything of known back upon itself and back to the center epic center.

Like it always has done and as they all have always done, it explodes, expands, has fun with its chaotic life cycle, reaches its breaking point, then implodes in upon itself. This is infinite expansion, then an infinite race back to the starting line, then infinite density creating infinite heat and infinite gravity and other unknown stuff beyond of imagination to exist. It’s overwhelming and infinite density, time warping gravitational embodiment and unimaginable infinite heat created by this all creates a chain reaction almost like the splitting of an atom only on an infinite scale. This in turn provides all the ingredients to create a mega universe expansion cycle all over again and this cycle happens over the course of an infinite amount of time as conceivable to our unknowing and never understanding intellectual evolution that would never have enough time to develop beyond the point that we might actually understand.

It is the all time conundrum that has complexed generations since the beginning of time with its simplicity but ever eluding concept of which came first? The chicken or the egg? The answer to that is and will still always be a mystery and misconception but perhaps it was neither or maybe both. Heck, any answer to this would do in consideration that I don’t give two shits because why ponder over something that we will never know the answer too. Just assume ponder upon something more constructive such as a singularity that makes the brilliant mind who come up with that bullshit seem like the numbskull overthinking dip shit that he/she is. Sorry but I call it like I see it and I see bull dune at its finest with a college degree that cost an untold amount of money only to come up with something that a rock eating caveman would have come up with.

So, if there are universes amongst universes, what is the actual space called that they exist in? If there is a Big Bang to create a universe amongst infinite universes then was there a super massive Big Bang that created a universe, so to speak, for the infinite universes to dwell and exist in? Do they all expand as well over an infinite amount of time only to implode back upon themselves like a single universe does to then have their own infinite existence within an existence? We are so minuscule in comparison to what we actually know of to exist and what we can see to be real despite what we don’t.

For us to travel to the nearest star it would take us 73,000 years to arrive moving at 17.3 km/s. This would take a craft with a longevity of an unknown technology, an unimaginable amount of nearly 1000 generations of human beings, antigravity technology, seed banks, capabilities and knowledge of how to create, evolve, revolutionize, develop, invent, recycle everything and accomplish many feats that would only be known through the experience of actual living and dying generation after generation for thousands of years aboard a space fairing vessel. All this without never knowing Mother Earth and possibly totally forgetting about her existence through the cold, vast, and endless void of time and space. Perhaps this is how we became a species with amnesia today.

We know nothing of our past, where we come from, our ancient capabilities or technological advancements lost to time. We know nothing of our purpose or how we came to be or even when we arrived in the sands of time. We will never know quite possibly as we are taught in school lies and misconceptions that we evolved from apes and that this is our first run as a technological and advanced species. This is a subject that could never be farther from the truth because in actuality we have uncovered and continue to uncover artifacts, languages of old, bits and pieces to the puzzle that clearly states and stresses that we are at our dumbest as a species and that we have been way farther advanced as a species in the distant past and have accomplished things left behind in all its spectacular possibilities of once being way more advanced than we could even fathom or understand today.

These magnificent chapters in time left for us as proof that we done things that have the greatest minds of our time scratching their heads, jaws to the floor, pondering how it all was possible or how it all even was developed and accomplished. They hide this stuff from the history books and brush it all off in an attempt to avoid not being able to understand, explain, or comprehend the radical genius of our predecessors. They are embarrassed that they have no clue and would sound stupid or not want to be the one to go down in history as the one who had that stupid explanation that turned out to be randomly stupid.

Our ancient ancestors were doing things that puts modern technological advancements and considered far advanced in history to shame and in actuality leaves us in the dust with a distance of ancient amounts of time between us on our way to the finish line.

So, my friends, this is only my thoughts and opinions developed over many years of thought and daydreaming with actual physics, history, and science in mind. A little facts, a little imagination, a little common since and I have a receipt for critical thinking and developing ideas that make since to me. We all see things differently and have our own opinions but the heart of it all is the ones who are the bravest to voice their opinions without fear of being ridiculed or mocked by ignorant know it alls with expensive college degrees that say they read a book on a subject with no common since to what reality revolves around in our world. They look at an elephant and call it an ant because on a mathematical error or because another says that is what it is. I like to create my own theories and concepts about our universal existence and everything in it and challenges dip shits like that’s opinions. Their disgust that someone like myself would even question their misconceptions and explanations about a subject they studied for four to six years that make no since to me. I make more logical since than most their boneheaded idealizations from so called educated guess work. To me if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it is a duck and not call it a giraffe just because a book says that’s what it is or because they are followers following, blindly with brown noses, their predecessors with the attempt of getting a star on their test. Be open minded my friends, think for yourself even if it goes against the grain, if you know your right don’t back down to a degree. Real creative thinking is where all the greatest genius’s in history overcome mountains of criticism and judgments to become who we see them as today. Fear of your own voice will leave you and your intelligence in the dark where those who aren’t as bright as you what you to be and insult others to keep them buried so that their no since can shine. This is how our schools are full of text books and jokers teaching false history, because ignorance buried the truth so that it can tell false stories that it claims is history because of their lack of understanding. They just want to go about the lies of the past because it’s easier and too lazy to pick up a shovel and dig up the truth in its purest to teach to our youth so that we may evolve in our species developmental reign. Ignorant ass holes are holding the truth back and holding out species back from critical advancements before time runs out and it’s too late to avoid something that we very well could have. Every second is special and vital to our ever ending need for advancement to ourselves and technology. We must stop burying our past sweeping it under the rug depriving our future and youth of the growth sustenance that their intelligence needs. This is stupid it’s like not feeding your pride and joy child starving him/her of vital nutrients and vitamins stunting their growth physically and mentally for shits and giggles. A parent is supposed to be the vein for their fruit and to supply it with what it needs to be nice, plump, and healthy. If we fail to nourish ourselves, our planet, our civilization and advancements, technological genius, and all the thing that make us great, beautiful, succulent, and/or love for what’s real then we will forever go down as the stupidest so called intelligent life forms in the whole universes upon universes upon infinite universes. We will be the laughing stock of all the species in our intergalactic family of intelligence. Perhaps the reason we haven’t confirmed another intelligence out there yet is because they don’t want us to find them. We may not even compete with their intelligence form and we may not even be acknowledged as intelligent to others out there. They may not even know we even exist because of our insignificance and ignorance. They may see us as more like a rock or a branch in comparison as we see a rock or a branch. Maybe we are a tv sitcom for them to laugh and point fingers, if they have them, at. Or perhaps we nothing but a science experience to them. Lastly before I leave it at this and save some for another blog, perhaps they are just waiting for us to evolve into beings of a more complex and intricate existence of peace and moderation. Waiting for us to surpass the stage of our lack of intelligence to become a more logical and problem solving species without violence. Waiting for us to be able to solve problems, run ourselves and our planet through conversation and not bullets. To become independent and fully capable of being trusted with our own planet. Take care of her and prolong her resources and lifespan giving us time to develop technology to leave one day if need be for survival.

~Jude Richard

~AKA Piers Grey

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Our planet is a definite place of mystery and intrigue full of unexplained occurrences and objects that boggle even the very experts in their various fields of study. From technology found of ancient origin with impossible capabilities to structures built by ancient people of a different time with unexplainable features, a lot of which we today can not duplicate. From ancient text and depictions from cultures long lost to time to actual structures of mysterious origin from a seemingly otherworldly species as the only explainable and possible responsible creators.

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still has scientists and experts in engineering and other fields of expertise dumbfounded with their jaws in the dirt or sand. Replicating these enormous feats of grandeur still has experts in denial that they can’t accomplish them if they tried. Perhaps, the reason for not trying is the fact that they can’t do it in the first place.

We would be ignorant, as a species, to believe that we are alone in this unimaginably huge universe in which we know very little about. We don’t even have the slightest clue on is full size or vastness of its reach. We can only see as far as out telescopes can reach and with those launched into its depth and still on their endless voyage through space we still have yet to gain any sort of definitive picture of is size.

Magnificent and powerful telescopes all over the world working singularly and in unison, even the ones launched into space with unknown destinations, are all compiling data and images at a constant and every ongoing rate in order to widen our expansion of our knowledge as to what we don’t know and how things work.

Ancient times and ancient accounts of otherworldly type occurrences defined mostly as that of godlike origin have been left behind for us. Their actual meaning in almost every aspect of their existence bewilders our imagination and leaves more missing pieces of their puzzle than actual fact. The way of our ancients explanations are that mostly of their experiences and observations of these entities as gods. This was the only way of explaining these confusing occurrences.

The appearance of otherworldly extraterrestrial life forms throughout history were the ultimate cause and effect of religion. The ancients deemed these otherworldly occurrences, that which they did not understand, as godlike. The ones who come from the heavens and wielded such overwhelming powers of which they could never match, were to be worshiped and followed.

There are many examples of such occurrences and the one that we will begin with is one of which not many know too much about. In fact not many actually know of its existence at all is the mysterious aspect of its nature. The difficulties and impossibilities of such a structure being constructed in the time believed, the Bronze Age, is the things in which myth and folklore are made of.

The existence of the infamous Puma Punku in western Bolivia is of a highly debated ancient citadel complex. It is of an uncertain time with uncertain reason for existing. It is believed to be of Incan origin and used for religions reasons by the elite of their culture at the time. The mystery behind it comes from the fact that the Incan people of modern times claim that it was, in fact, not of Incan creation. They say the actual origins of the complex are a mystery much like the complex across the Bolivian/Peru border called Manchu Picchu in Peru with that of just as mysterious complexities in its constitution.

The PumaPunku citadel is one of the world’s mysterious and complex in construction structures to ever be embraced by this planet. Who, what, when, why and every other question that you may be able to think of connects to this places reason or rhyme. The H-blocks with their intricately cut angles and perfectly smooth sides are that of intrigue and total mystery. Their methods of producing the blocks as if they came off an assembly line of precision guided machine cut and laser etched out of raw red limestone bedrock do hard that in modern times it takes diamond tipped tools to cut, is miraculous. The usage of no mortar to connect blocks was ever in the construction method and still one could not slip a razor blade or piece of paper in between any two. This structure was also of top earthquake technology as it could withstand a mega-quake of 10+ on the rhythmic-scale meaning that it could withstand pretty much any quake known to that area. The H-blocks are the genius behind the anti-quake design.

Puma Punku has been and is still under archeological investigation. There has never been a discovery of any burial grounds, written history, garbage disposal areas in which all civilizations throughout history have left behind. It is as though all evidence, besides the actual structure, of there ever having been a population of humans living there has been eliminated or ever existed.

The Temple of the Sun Entrance which is comprised of one being of over 100 tons, which is sitting on top of two massive bedrock pillars. How was this object put into place?

It was also built from extremely difficult or even impossible to quarry and red limestone bedrock. These bedrock stones, some weighing as much as over 100 ton, was quarried from a quarry in which was 6.2 miles away from a lake Titicaca area. These stones are that of the hardest known in the world and the cutting and shaping of these stones would have taken an unimaginable amount of time. The time and effort that must have gone into the construction of this huge ancient citadel only to abandon it is an unimaginable concept that has dumbfounded all to have tried to explain it.

Lake Titicaca near Puma Punku and Machu Picchu and is the largest lake of this altitude in the world of about 7000 feet above sea level.

Experts in science and engineering have studied these materials and techniques used in the construction Puma Punku were left just as confused, if not more, as when they began their in depth look into it. They studied the tool marks that the tools used in the cutting of the stones made and compared them to any known. They found that the marks were that of unknown tools that we know of today. The tools used do not exist in modern times. In some cases the cuts were so exact and straight that only a machined tool could have been responsible. The surfaces were often smooth as if only laser technology could have been used as the surface, or the sand in which makes up the stone, was melted and then glazed over like glass as it hardened. Drill holes are visible with unimaginable accuracy and measurements. It’s construction was that of large H-shapes blocks with perfect ninety degree angles.

These blocks were designed to withstand mega-quakes known to exist in that area and withstand any size earthquake known to ever erupt on Earth. They are so perfectly cut that the use of mortar was unnecessary and to place a razor in between any two of them is impossible. So why and how were they all toppled over? What sort of destructive power could have payed this place into ruin? Was it the cataclysmic event we now believe to have taken place in the remote ancient past? Some time in between the ancient Egyptians rule and the 10,000 year mark when the Sphinx is now thought to have been constructed where that civilization was destroyed leaving the Sphinx behind for the Egyptians to find.

What cataclysmic even could have ended a technological advanced race of human into almost nonexistent and caused amnesia among our species?

Was it the Great Flood said to have taken place in Biblical times that nearly wiped out the worlds population and leaving everything in ruins? This is also the possible reason for our species to have amnesia to the point that our history is forever lost, potentially, to the sands of time and our knowledge of anything that came before is lost. Almost lost, as there is still the ruins and what is left behind for us to attempt to piece together the past, a lot of which seems like tall tales and stories made up by the ancients.

Was the biblical story of Noah’s Ark that of real world truth? Was this the cataclysmic event that wiped out our species recorded memories and past?
What was the facts behind Moses and all his otherworldly endeavors? He split the Red Sea to save the Hebrew people from the Roman Empire? He claimed a mountain alone to receive mysterious information from a burning bush and returned down with the Ten Commandments? He built the great Ark and gathered one of each sexes of each species of animal and plant on Earth? How is this possible? He must be that of extraterrestrial decent to have these powers. He also wondered 40 years along with all the Israelites? How did they find food and water, shade and comfort? It is said that the Ark of the covenant was responsible for producing Mana, a substance that nourished them all daily for 40 years. Also, who ever came into contact with the Ark of the Covenant suffered severe fatal burns and all the symptoms that very closely resembles radiation poisoning. Was this of some highly advanced technology of other worldly origin? Was his burning bush that of an extraterrestrial craft of some sort? Did he become the one to deliver the message of the Great Flood to all of the land and warn them to be overlooked as a crazy old man? Was the reason for the flood to wipe out the wicked who were warned by extraterrestrials through the Ten Commandments to help our species become a species of good instead of going astray in turn posing a threat to otherworldly life forms eventually? Did they want to start a new with a small population of human kind and perhaps play god with our DNA and/or interbreed with to create a new population with their species included due to having to escape from a dying world or some other reason? Did they wipe out man kind to make room for themselves, or us, a higher and more advanced species and this the reason for all the confusion and amnesia in which we seem to suffer? Did he, instead of actually collecting an impossible amount of plants and animals, actually collected the DNA and seeds to form an actual seed bank to revive all of Earths living creatures once the flood was over? There are so many questions about this man called Moses and the testament accounts that gives him superhuman like powers.

Or was it some other reason or cataclysmic event that had left us with near no knowledge of our history as a species and many unknown questions to who we are. We will possibly never know.

Our actual past as a species is a ghost town.

The technology of ancient times, in many examples of the worlds sites, most often shows impossible techniques for the time frames believed to be of their creations. Who’s to say really that they were not more advanced than we are today before a great cataclysmic event had taken place and all but decimated our ancient ancestors. Perhaps they were, indeed, in possession of an age long technology of many different forms and fashions that were lost to time during this cataclysm.

Did the ancients develop highly advanced tools and technologies? Were we given these by otherworldly entities for unknown reasons?

Example such as the Sphinx in Egypt. It is supposedly the creation of the pharaohs of about the 2000-2500BC era but the actual truth may be that of a completely different time frame. The Egyptians at that time, the pharaohs, were notorious for attempting to eradicate all history of the pharaohs before them in order to claim the throne as the first pharaoh ever. I believe that they were a people whom stumbled upon the actual, then in their times already ancient structures, and claimed their existence due to their doing. In actuality, the structures, or at least the Sphinx, was a creation of a civilization who came long before them and they believed them to be the home of their gods so they occupied and made them their home.

The Sphinx is actually way older than we believe and are taught in school!

The Sphinx is now a known structure of greater age than that of the known arrival time period of the Egyptians to the area. The Sphinx was, in fact, a lot older than once believed, around the time that this part of the world was once tropical and wet. Being an arid and extremely dry part of the world now days s as d has been for nearly ten thousand years, with less than 1% inches of precipitation annually, there was no way the Sphinx was built during the time period of the pharaohs.

The Sphinx was actually built during a time of before a time when the desert of great dryness was actually a tropical rainforest. This wasn’t so for at least 10,000 years. We now know this because of the water marks caused by centuries of erosion in a climate of a highly wet time before the desert come to be.

The Sphinx has water erosion marks that would have taken hundreds of years to carve into the limestone that was used to build the monument. This meaning that the only time this could have occurred was nearly eight thousand years before the Egyptians even arrived on the scene. This meaning that the Sphinx is way older and of a time when this part of the world was much more like the Amazon rainforest and not like it is today.

So, who really built the Sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt? Could it be possible that the Egyptians claimed these structures as their own as they were known to do for so many other situations that they had nothing to do with. How old really, is the Sphinx? Is it 5000 years old? Perhaps 10,000 as most believe? Or even up to 800,000 years old as some scientists are saying today? One thing is for sure, the Sphinx is way older than the Egyptians and their reign.

Pyramids have been found strewn across the globe, in every corner of our planet, and on every continent on Earth. There are some only being discovered now and many yet to be discovered. We have discovered them in the past, continue to discover them and will well into the future. Heck, they are even being discovered under water and even on Mars and the moon. There is even one found found in the remote and frigid Antarctica.

Pyramids were not only a thing of Earths past but that of other planets as well as you can see here in a photo of Mars from the 1976 NASA Viking 1 orbiter. This is a face caught in a picture on the Martian surface. This is thought to only be of a creation by a living species and not of natural creation made by weathering or nature.
Pyramids are not only found in Egypt but in all corners of the planet.

There are many reasons why, in our best guesses, these structures would be of such importance. What were they used for really? Who actually built them? Why was so much time and effort tailored into the massive undertaking into such structures? What ever it is, the reason, must have been of great importance. The significance of such precise and geometric measurements and all perfectly mirroring the stars, for example, the ones in Giza perfectly inlined with the star constellation Orion. This constellation has also been implemented into the cultures of other civilizations from all around the globe, most of which could never know each other even existed.

The Orion’s Belt star constellation cluster is a common astronomical existence in the night sky often classified as the origin of their existence in many ancient civilization’s beliefs. The Mayans, before they ultimately disappeared by the city full, claimed that they were sent to Earth as a punishment from their home planet in the Origin’s Belt area in the universe. They had far advanced calendar technology that is more accurate than our today, they had knowledge of planets that one can not see or know of their existence with the naked eye, mathematical skills far advanced than any other of that time, built mega cities with complex designs and size as well as many other things that points to them being of a higher accomplished and more advanced society than any other around at that time. Then the whole city, which they lived and built, of hundreds of thousands of individuals all of a sudden disappeared without a trace. No other surroundings society seen anything or had any answers but that all of a sudden they were gone where the day before they were there. Their calendar was 500 years into the future and it was said that would be the end of days, December 12, 2012 but I always said that was just the point that they stopped at in its development. Did they go back home and the “Star Gods” their home planet people, come got them as they always predicted they would?

It is predicted that these structures are indeed found on every part of Earth, even under water. On a global geometric grid of precise measurements and at precision chosen locations are all the ancient and often mysterious mega-structures. The World Grid connects ancient or prehistoric sites in a geometric grid and connects all of many sites together for reasons unknown with many theories. Global energy production to a map of the planet for extraterrestrials to navigate. Many other proposals to what they could be for is out there for research. Here are the known sites on the grid list:

The global ancient grid where points of geometrical according to astronomical hotspots for ancient complex’s or civilizations hotspots are strategically placed in order to accomplish perhaps global energy or for galactic travel reasons.
  • Giza and it’s pyramids
  • Hudson Bay, present location of north magnetic poles
  • Northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, Callanish
  • Mohenjo Daro or Rama Empire culture
  • Xian Pyramids, largest worldwide
  • Southern Japan, Dragons Triangle, great seismic activity
  • Bamini, Bahamas
  • Algerian megalithic ruins
  • Megaliths at Axum, the Coptic Christian center of Ethiopia
  • Bangkok and Angkor Wat
  • Sarawak, Borneo, site of ancient megalithic structures
  • Pohnpei island, Micronesia, site of megalithic city of NaN Madol
  • Lima, Peru, boundary of Nazca Pisco, the candle stic of the Andes & Nazca Lines
  • Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures
  • Easter Island and it’s megaliths

A strong piece of evidence that supports this theory appears to show the correct application of latitude and longitude and centers on the tropic of cancer. This supporting evidence is called the Piri-Reis map. It displays knowledge of astronomy, geometry, and astrology at the same time with a familiarity with the spherical globe concept and mathematical intuition necessary to translate compass points into two dimensional representation. It is at least 4,000 years or older.

Lori-Reis map showing proof of the geometrical and astronomical grid concept as of well known thing and is at least 4000 years old.

Whether global energy, massive energy quantities needed to put an extraterrestrial flying craft into space, global defense weapon system or for any other possible unknown reason, the evidence and reason for its existence is there. There is no denying that.

Machu Picchu is another ancient site across the boarder from Bolivia in Peru, where the Puma Punku site is, that is of great mystery. Here there is an ancient site with many of the same mysterious features of Puma Punku like no disposal ground for the community trash, no tools left behind, and no burial grounds or bones left behind.

Machu Picchu citadel of impossible features.

Here is a huge mountain top where the actual summit was cut clean off and is no where to be found. Where the disposal of the materials that made up the top of the mountain was put is a mystery.

From there are steps and columns made up of several hundreds of steps and walk ways throughout the citadel that is made and chiseled out of a single piece of bedrock limestone that is the mountain itself. This in itself was a massive undertaking.

Passage ways of Machu Picchu

The rest of the complex is made up of massive limestone bedrock in which was queried from hundreds of miles away, then hauled up a steep mountain side where it is hard enough to travel up just on foot, then placed on top the mountain in intricate fashion. The steep mountain side is way up into the mountain ranges of the Huayna and Machu mountains at an elevation of about 7950 feet above sea level.

Mountains Machu Picchu is located

At this height, the site is far abound the natural tree line or the elevation level where the trees abruptly stop growing due to lack of oxygen. Most visitors that venture into this part of the world need oxygen tanks and masks to keep from fainting and/or dying from lack of oxygen to the brain. The task of even walking up the mountain side or even doing the simplest tasks is a different things by itself much less hauling large stones of bedrock weighing into, in some cases, hundreds of tons. How was this accomplished with no trees to roll them with and without the invention of the wheel? How was these stones cut and carved to precise measurements and of perfect angles and straight lines? How did a people of this time frame remove a mountain top and build a whole city out of bedrock of which we today have a hard time cutting or building with?

Red limestone bedrock and one of the hardest rocks on Earth that requires diamond tipped cutting tools to cut.

These two sites alone are among many others worldwide in which have experts scratching their heads to in amazement. Is there some otherworldly presence at work here? Puma Punku has baths of fountains with aqua ducts built into them with hot and cold water and ran for miles down hill in several intricate and ingenious directions into them. Machu Picchu has the same style designed passageway bringing a constant flow of clean fresh water down into the complex’s for the occupants usage.

In Puma Punku the baths, one in particular, is huge and is lined with stone work with the faces of each type of man carved into them. Each race of man, with red hair, with beards, with large lips and thin lips, with all sort and different kinds of man known depicted and even that of oval eyed and big heads, thin small mouths with seemingly no nose beings amongst them. The same look of that in which most accounts of modern day extraterrestrials are described, of which we call grays.

The Grays! The most common known extraterrestrial life form being description from most of the worlds reports of eyewitness or abduction stories told. Short, small, grayish in complexion, big head, almond shaped solid black eyes, not much of a nose, small narrow mouth, long armed and fingered digits, pear shaped naked body, wet glossy like skin, stinky otherworldly beings. They are said to come here for the study of Earths resources and life forms perhaps for procreation purposes, interbreeding purposes, resource mining, food, planetary take over, our species introduction into a greater intergalactic community when we are ready or harmonic enough reasons. Perhaps they wish to help us evolve into a more peaceful species in preparation for our admission into a greater existence or teach us how to preserve our planet and not kill it like we are currently doing. Whatever the reason, I’m my mind, I can explain why their appearance is as such. They developed and evolved as a space fairing species for in order to arrive here from who knows how far away and through unknown generations of their species they most likely must have been traveling for a very long time. Having left their home planet for reasons of escape or exploration probably centuries ago unless they developed wormhole type space traveling technology where they could travel what would normally take countless generations to travel in a shorter period of time, they likely have evolved in the vacuum of space type environment. In order to adapt to the rigors of space their very anatomy has changed significantly from their original appearances that say for example looked like ourselves long ago on their home planet. Throughout long periods of time exposed to a foreign surrounding of such difference such as that or Earth compared to outer space, the very anatomy of a being would change and adapt to its surroundings. On Earth our bodies are governed by sunlight, heat, cold, the environment, altitude, gravity and etc. It would be much different in space as it is a well known fact that our bodies shrink by inches the minute we leave Earths atmosphere and entering into outer space. The soft tissues do strange things like our organs calcifies into rock in some cases. We can not make noise because of no air waves for it to travel on and things of all sorts. The Grays are gray and translucent because they receive no sunlight to add vitamin D, the vitamin that gives our competition its color. Their heads are large because all they have to do in a space shop is learn and operate the ship plus the constant thought processes for problem solving and ingenuity to make things from nothing or recycle available resources to problem solve potentially life threatening situations that may arrive onboard an old space craft is always exercising their minds and growth from it excelled. Their eyes oval and black because of no sun to dilate the pupils and expand the eyes plus to develop the widening of their vision to see more area space without moving their heads while at the controls of the craft is important. They are seemingly out of shape and oval shaped because of sitting at the controls all the time with no exercise and long skinny arms and digits to operate the craft and it’s controls with more efficiency is cause and effect of the job. They are smelly because they don’t have the water supply, if they utilize water in any way at all, to bath everyday and develop a sheen over their skin. All their appearances could be explained due to their centuries of space faring endeavors. They are among us and it’s just a matter of time before they make their presence known. Whether or not friendly or hostile is anyone’s guess.

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God! Who? What? When? Where? Why? If? Real? Having been grown up as full blown catholic I can help but to at least have a spiritual side to my being. As I grew from a boy into a man and witnessing the reality of the horror that is our world I can’t help but have feelings of what kind of a monster of a god would allow all this suffering, in particular a baby with cancer and in all that pain?! I, after many years of battle between my angels and demons that dwell deep inside my heart, I ultimately keep coming up with only one possible conclusion that makes since in every way imaginable, to me. My thought process is a long drawn out bottomless pit of possibilities. I replay these over and over in life and every once in a while a new one pops up and throws them all out of wack leaving me with many restless nights. The thought of not understanding and not knowing, maybe never knowing just drives me ape shit bonkers. I love this type of deep thought and I figure why sleep when there are so many mysteries to be solved or at least worth pondering a while. After all, who needs sleep? We will sleep plenty while we dead but perhaps we won’t be able to use thought processes then anyway if there is indeed nothing but a black eternal nothingness void of never existing again and almost like we never existed at all. What is the meaning of life? Is there a rhyme or reason for why we are who we are and a reason or purpose for our existence in a never ending and infinite universe amongst universes? Is is all just purposeless? Are we just a shit smear on the existence of an internal death spiral?

We, as living beings, live and we die. We are not immortal there comes a time we must say goodbye. We must love love to the best our ability until we do shut our eye, a final time before we ascend into our eternal sky spread our wings wide as we soar and fly, freely like a bird way up there way up high we will then be so happy can’t help but cry and anyone who says they would not is telling a lie so don’t even go there just don’t even try. ~Piers Grey~Jude~

Everyone things the great mind with a 163 IQ of Albert Einstein was genius, and this is true but the man with the IQ, Nikola Tesla, presumably in the upper half of the 200 range and possibly more completely smashes anyone known to have ever walked this planet. His IQ was literally off the charts and literally did not go close to that high so in retrospect they couldn’t calculate his actual level because there was no way of actually knowing for sure.

Either we are a product of a higher being, and in many religions are all similar and refer to as god or gods. Was god really what the Bible says? An eternal being who always was and always will be with complete dominance over the existence of everything, even when there was nothing. So my question is if there was such a thing as nothing then what is nothing? What does nothing look like or consist of? What is it’s definition? I can not understand because if god always was and always will be then when there was nothing is that considered nothing? Isn’t god something? If there is god and he dwelled inside of nothing then…..grrr….wth my friends? My puny brain can not conceive or fathom the concept of nothing! Much like infinity or infinite, what exactly does that mean? I could never picture what this truly and honestly meant. It means forever obviously, ass hole, but in our world all things supposedly has a beginning therefore, all things have and end. The conception of infinity is almost fictitious in scientific terms. Is this what they meant by god and that god isn’t an actual intelligent being? Or is an infinite existence an actual intelligence in on its own? I tend to believe that the Bible was written in a time and place when people were mentally and physically completely different than we are today. The way they thought, what was believed, possible a lot more gullible and easily fooled, misunderstood a lot of things that life threw at them from the simplicity of no education and the hardship of actual surviving life. We see a flying craft overhead we say either an airplane or a UFO, we don’t say it’s god but back then they couldn’t conceive what they were seeing and explained all things they couldn’t explain in different ways than we do. It is quite possible that one day in ancient times our dim witted distant relatives witnessed a bright shinny craft of otherworldly origin and perhaps spewing fire or glowing, spinning or producing marshmallows for everyone on the ground to eat and they all kneeled and bowed. Something such as an event like this of technological advancements of which they could never have dreamed of in their simple life automatically strikes fear in their souls and their minds reword to a higher power. Could be that Moses went on the mountain and aliens presented him with the Ten Commandments. The aliens seen humanity’s barbaric and evil ways and thought that this is a possible solution to turn humanity into good morals abiding people. The burning bush was a craft or otherworldly being? Was Jesus himself an actual alien being who could perform miracle like feats that struck fear into the hearts of misunderstanding. The Bible is a collection of stories created for the purpose of keeping humanity law abiding through fear? By saying if you do this or you do that then you burn in hell forever after death. That is a pretty scary idea and made me obey my parents and do good when I was a kid but like Santa clause, religion also became more and more of an unlikely thing. The whole religious thing in every form or fashion is in my eyes unproven and I got to see it to believe it where as science is real and the beliefs of what I can see and experience is king. All these people stay on their knees their whole life and devote their life and the little time we do have in life participating in activities and waistline their time on a concept that is really far fetched. That is like giving a dead man CPR everyday in hopes he will come back to life when it is completely never going to happen. Like beating a dead horse for it to bring you where you need to go. If a god wants us to worship and believe in him but wants to play games by not actually allowing us to have tangible proof of the existence of a higher power then it must be urban legend and made up. Why would such a loving and glorious god punish all of his people after the original two made a mistake? I didn’t make that mistake, hell I don’t even like apples. I am a law abiding citizen and love and cherish my fellow man. I don’t rob, kill, or do any of the commandments say not too and it’s because have morals and beliefs that being a good person is easier than being a bad one and that it is wrong to not bless the world with happiness instead of pain. Their is already enough pain and sin in the world so why should I add to it, yet I rather attempt to prevent, heal, fix and avoid negativity. I do this without even believing in god. I believe in tangible science. One day god descended down from the heavens, created Earth and man in seven days and seven nights. On the seventh day he sat back to rest and admire what he created. One day aliens descended down from the heavens in their space craft and manipulated humanity’s DNA to create a better, faster, smarter, and more capable of survival example. They also created us in their likeness meaning our new DNA strain is a mix between us and them and perhaps even bread with us as well all strengthening us as a species and giving us the advantages all other apes or species on Earth didn’t. Sound all too familiar to me, similar facts and situations that could have easily been misconstrued. Honestly, to me it was a bright shinny day somewhere on earth during the times of the conception or notion of god was conceived where many cultures and people of different backgrounds all traveled long, hard, and far to deal and trade their goods and services. Somewhere like a Silk Road, a gathering place, market place to make your fortune fast and go home for the rest the year to live off your spoils. Then a huge craft cone splitting the atmosphere creating friction in the air sparking lightning and thunderous growls terrifying 1000’s of witnessing onlookers who never seen such a spectacle. Then these beings with outstanding and incomprehensible technology of weapons and tools were emerged from the craft and demonstrated powers of that only a god could possess. Impossible powers of great stature that could do wonderful things but also do evil on a scale none wanted to try to provoke so they all bowed and worshiped that which they couldn’t understand and interpreted wrongfully. These beings took advantage of this but not only after they made us better and helped further or species along for the better through speeding up our evolution and growth. These people of all backgrounds and races then went back home and told their unbelievable stories of god and each did so in different ways. Kinda like when you tell someone something and by the time it gets to 10 people down line and told at different times each time the story gets a little better and more interesting with added small details, well, same here. So each person from each region of the land developed spiritual and religious beliefs all in different but similar ways and this is the reason each religion is similar but also different and no one of them will say theirs is wrong or right when none of them is originated from actual facts but that of deceptions from another planet. In many ways all this did was make things worst as each argued that the other was wrong sparking a holy war, now suicide bombers and terror in the name of jihad, the Catholic religion hiding facts of reality from the world to cover the fact that the information may end the religion and it is a major business rather than a religion. All of them are money collecting business and not about the religion, the pope knows the truth but would financially ruin the whole infrastructure of the belief. Honestly we as a species need to be relieved of these lies and free up all that wealth accumulated over the centuries that it sits on it would be great for the economy. What god would say hive me 10% of your earnings every week or month or you’ll go to hell? Hell i’m already poor as shit I can’t afford to buy little biscuits for the believers to eat and wine for priests to drink the whole intoxicated molest alter boys. Sorry it is what it is and I am not about to hold back my freedom of speech just so you, little miss Mary virgin Lilly pants, would not be offended. If you are then I suggest you continue to exiting this blog site and not come back because it’ll get worst before it gets better. I am sick and tired of all the worlds dumb bull shit that is constricting the logically well thought out and realistic human being. I refuse to follow anything or anyone that makes no since it is hypothetical like the Catholic Church saying it’s a sin not to pay them so they have the cash to buy booze and screw and victimize innocent young children who only wanted to assist in the mass to be helpful. No real loving and merciful god would deny his people of the security of the knowledge in his really existing and not have to worry throughout life if he does or not. That’s kinda cruel. No merciful or loving god would create or allow so much confusion over the truth or allow so much pain and turmoil that plaques his people that he supposedly loves so intensely that he’d give his only begotten son and let him suffer and die upon a cross at the hands the Romans and say he did this for our sins like a guilt trip. He castes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for eating a stupid apple because the epitome of evil symbolized in the form of a snake was on the tree. They were forced out of paradise and into the brutal world to toil and till the land and work hard everyday, struggle, and suffer just to survive everyday and living a life of hardship. Then on top of that everyone that comes into the picture after the fact and never had anything to do with their actions also gets punished for their actions no mercy. Sometimes fundamentally wrong with the unfairness in this stupid beaten tired old bullshit story. Jesus Christ was a thief and he claimed he could raise the dead and do all this stuff impossible to anyone so then making him a lier and a con artist as well so the Roman people put him up on a cross as an example to others and along side two other criminals. He begged and pleaded for his “father” to end his suffering quickly but denied him making him look even more so like a lier. What god allows this? His mother pregnant but also a virgin! Yeah right she was screwing every swinging cock that she saw in her proximity. His mother and himself were both alike and living in a fantasy world and thought of theirselves as more important than all others and there’s a name for this, narcism and it’s a mental illness and defect of their anatomy and surly not any chosen ones or special ones. I don’t see how society, especially even into this day in age, could believe in all this bull crap in a world of liars, sinners, thieves, and evil that infests our surroundings since the beginning of time. The story of Moses I really find interesting, was he an extraterrestrial like perhaps Jesus was found things such as parting a whole sea to cross on dry land, leading his people through the desert of desolate certain death for 40 days and 40 impossible nights with the help of an ark that also killed whoever handled it. He built an ark and gathers a male and female of every creature on earth plant and living then put them on it to survive the great flood created, again by the loving and merciful god, to kill Earths population in a mass near extinction event because humanity wasn’t doing what he ordered them to do. That, to me is a mean, evil, revengeful, and angry god who can’t control his temper or creation. Apparently didn’t create man fully in his likeness because wouldn’t that mean psychologically as well. Couldn’t he have just created us how he’d want us to be because after all he is god and is capable of the impossible and capable of anything!? He’s sorta bad at what he does if you ask me. God is only an idea that a group of men created to scare all others into stopping victimizing them. It’s psychological warfare and reverse psychology at its finest but not everyone falls for it. That, however, does not mean you have the right or permission to be a bad person.

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Rhyme Tyme lol you bunch of slime full of grime with nothing but time oh how sublime the shit should be a fucking god damn crime every time you look my way I shoot your eyes with a lemon or maybe a lime it depends on what I get in mine to climb a rhyme and make it mine without trying shit I’m done with sitting around crying time to live or time to die I have yet to fly fly sky high high into the sky nobody there to ask why or to say goodbye to and even as hard as we may try we all everyone of us all have to one day die no more American apple pie all of this your none of you could deny into my life you pry my oh my I sit and I sye I try and try and try always hot sparkles in my eye stay sit down we shall fire up Gasoline Grill and show you how I feel oh wait till you see oh what a thrill just keep throwing me $100 Bills maybe I’ll uniquely platinum out my grill got all my teeth still never turn to a bottle or a pill that’s the stupid shit that kill some for justice and some to see how it feel they walk away clean for real all about the almighty dolla dolla bill don’t worry you’ll get your fill but until for real chill dolla dolla bill y’all seeing things we thought we killed JP-5 high five not many know what this means or it’s flow it was normally kept down below thimble sips have your ass cutting flips always secretive tips videos and clips all kept super tight lipped and all the while running lit no need for first aid kit I’m snake bit right on the tit get your old catchers mitt a place in our life this cottonmouths ass didn’t ever fit we are good people we just nervous just a little bit have a seat sit back sit stay a while get lit get lit just a little bit that’s the gritty grit…

It’s a mind regulator
A mental vibrator
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By: Jude Richard


If you think for one second of your puny insignificant life that you are some miracle or rarity in this universe of ours then you really need to disassemble then try reassembling because somewhere along the time line of your short life in comparison to the greater picture, you strayed off of the beaten and obvious path and become one of those people who think that they are superior to everyone else but you want to know the fact about that, they may be but they shit sweat like us snd that will inevitably die like and or as gruesome and or painfully as we will. This universe will eat us alive and spit us out it’s rear ended an infinite amount of times, we are not worthy enough to be considered on the micro spec chart of the tiniest insignificant unintelligent incompatible easily retractable out of our truth, convincing us that we are an alligator when we are in fact and indeed a giraffe. We know it and it knows it but still has us go against our own grain to say that we are an alligator even though we walk and use our long tongues to strip the leaves off of the branches high up on their canopy using extra long legs and fight off enemies with violently striking them with a whip of the neck and a head butt with those horny head dressing battle gear in which we display and deploy to the point of even potentially breaking our own neck. We are a giraffe and not an aquatic lizard from babies to maybes, trophies, bragging rights, kept secret, the actual measurements of the top contender but I guarantee it to be bigger than what books say and alligator keeps growing as it eats with a constant source of protein as long as their belly stays full the bigger they grow just as the dinosaurs and how they grew to be so Jurassic and turtles as well monitor lizards all of this kind same as pigmy elephant snd humans as well who get stranded by the ocean when they swim to nearest sand bank one to another the ocean rises or drops and potentially getting stuck on a remote and barren island with nothing much of nothing and as they live and evolve for generations with little anything to eat cut off from the main land continent they genetically begin to downgrade of body size to accommodate the lack of nourishment needed to sustain them as full sized. We as humans have a cut off point genetically engineered within our DNA to shut off at age 18-21 years of age so we eat a lot we get fat instead of becoming a 65 foot Joshua Lucien Gordonish Jr. the better Joshua Lucien lol! See totally made up and you bought it that I was actually the person baring that name didn’t you? Answer truthfully as a comment or do you want me to whip out my armor glove made of .99999 silver and smack the living daylights out anyone who dare challenge me a battle of the wits, I’m on the fritz, tonight at the Ritz from a beautiful lady once over with a kiss to the cheek and maybe stand nose to nose letting all our goes with the flows go to and fro you’ll say I told you so I’ve watched it sprout spring up and without a doubt too of the crop number one on top I will show you to flip and to flop sop it up with a mop crop top main stop stop watch red yellow green let off a little speed steam to conquer and redeem all that seems to be truly all my things your things is my things all these diamond rings are part of the deal what’s mine is yours without a doubt absolutely no reason to pout I’m in and I’m out confronting be will put you in a 12 round bout I only need the first fifteen coming at you full locomotive steam with all its glory bring it in face to face toe to toe blow for blow a one man wrecking crew toe to toe in an even flow go go go with the flow throw throw throw learn as you grow below below below into the beast that I am the man with the master plan makes it all sound so damn grand making everyone my fan I’m a white wonder I avoid and evade that which gives my milky luxurious a tan to hell with it all people guck even the corrupt political man you better and I surly hope you understand right now because I’m with the band throw it up see where it’ll land.


Elsewhere in the earths crust, on the moon and even in meteorites, we definitely can find samples of Uranium 0.720 percent however, samples found in Okloa, a former French colony in West Africa, the uranium 235 constituted only 0.717 percent and although a small difference in comparison was enough to alert scientists that there was something very strange going on with the minerals. There are three naturally occurring nuclear isotopes and are 238U, 235U and 234U which all have 92 protons in their nuclei, but where 235U has 143 neutrons in its nucleus, that of 238U isotopes contains 146 neutrons. The question is, is how or who had the capability 1.8-2 billion years ago to enrich the Uranium needed for fission when this is never naturally occurring. An intelligent intervention had to have been here on Earth way back then to create this element. This isotope that was extremely and surprisingly found to have happened naturally but that is an impossibly. Plus there are the cooling aspects of this process that must occur in specific intervals in accordance to the reactors pressures building up due to overheating. Modern, man-made nuclear reactors are smaller in size and they consist of crude water and the only form coolant that could be used, but only one question that comes to the mind of any intelligent mind is that how was that possible when crude water literally never existed on Earth ever in the past without human intervention.

As we all may know this occurs in a mine, which is hardly a natural structure, and that the actual uranium has obviously been mined and extracted. But by whom or what as 1.8 billion years ago there were no intelligent life forms capable of this. Or were there? This to me seems to collaborate with my beliefs that there has been many other intelligent civilizations before ours on Earth, forgotten ages due to mass extinctions because of some catastrophic events whether man made or not. Could this be an example of an ancient intelligent civilization here on Earth which ended up dying out, at their own hands playing god, as does harnessing the power of the sun as we do today. Is this actual proof of really ancient extraterrestrials whom at one time or another or many times visited and or mined our blue globe? Perhaps it all went South where a nuclear event happened or the planet was desolated because of their nuclear endeavors, only for Earth to replenish itself and clean itself time and time again. In my eyes, after much research into this, these scientists can not lie to me or tell me there was nothing intelligent involved here. This is all just too unrealistic to believe that this 235U isotope, which is made and enriched Uranium. Enrichment of Uranium is only done by intelligence of some sorts because 235U simply will not exist or ever will exist naturally. This could only could be done by an intelligent being and not just Mother Nature. Plus, then run a bigger than any of our nuclear reactors today for around 500,000 years using crude water that does not exist in nature ever and has to be intelligently created. Water with only a few contaminates per million is enough to shut down or stop fission from happening so this in itself says that it is impossible. It is a very difficult and complex endeavor as to run and maintain the necessary safety protocols and more for a successful reactor to be of a technology to run for a half of a million years with no hiccup, as of in this situation seemingly. Think of what we’ve done with our complex technology now days snd all the major mistakes we are paying for today like Chernobyl or the power plant in Japan, all the countless bombs tested all over this planet!? There are places we can not venture into for 100,000’s of years, so said, I believe more like millions of years. We are storing nuclear waste that will be toxic to all life forms for millions of years to come, under mountains and other places of sorts. What happens if a terrorist or a meteorite decides to target these areas of which could spell a dooms day planet killer, mass extinction type event. Has this happened before in the ancient remote past and the reason we know not of which or where we as a species has come from whatsoever, a species with amnesia.


According to studies, this ancient nuclear reactor was several kilometers long. Interestingly, for a large nuclear reactor like this, thermal impact towards the environment was limited to just 40 meters on all sides.This site where the mine is, is actually an advanced underground nuclear reactor that goes well beyond the capabilities of our present scientific knowledge. The findings at the Oklo site astonished and caused jaws to drop for everyone gathered there. This literally leaves experts and non-expert in disbelief as to what or who has constructed this obviously intelligently made 1.8-2 billion, yes with a B, years ago? It is believed to have ran or been in operation for 500,000 years, not even close to our understanding or capabilities as this thing was being operated by someone or something for all this time and it is so far out there that it is causing scientists to explain it away as a natural entity even though the real answers are slapping them in the face and they still refuse to attempt explain this ad their minds can not comprehend the facts. Incredibly, our modern-day nuclear reactors are really not comparable both in design and functionality with this huge mega-reactor.According to studies, this ancient nuclear reactor was several kilometers long. Interestingly, for a large nuclear reactor like this, thermal impact towards the environment was limited to just 40 meters on all sides.


So, in addition to being in a mine, this natural reactor is also of a much larger size than normal fission reactors, and manages to store nuclear waste materials via natural geological features limiting thermal signatures to about 40 meters from the reactor. But wait, there’s more:


What is surprising is that a nuclear reaction had occurred in a way that the plutonium, the by-product, was created and the nuclear reaction itself had been moderated, which is considered as a “holy grail” for atomic science.The ability to moderate the reaction means that once the reaction was initiated, it was possible to leverage the output power in a controlled way, with the ability to prevent catastrophic explosions or the release of the energy at a single time.


In other words, like all fission reactors, this one was capable of synthesizing plutonium, did so, and then prevented this from going critical and exploding by moderating the thermal neutrons that make fission chain reactions possible, by using a moderator like water or cadmium rods to slow down and absorb enough neutrons to prevent an explosion from taking place.

In other words, moderation implies that the African reactor, almost 2 billion years old, is not a natural phenomenon at all, but a deliberate product of design and intelligence:

However, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, former head of the United States Atomic Energy Commission and Nobel Prize winner for his work in the synthesis of heavy elements, pointed out that for uranium to “burn” in a reaction, conditions must be exactly right.

For example, the water involved in the nuclear reaction must be extremely pure. Even a few parts per million of contaminant will “poison” the reaction, bringing it to a halt. The problem is that no water that pure exists naturally anywhere in the world.Several specialists talked about the incredible Nuclear Reactor at Oklo, stating that at no time in the geologically estimated history of the Oklo deposits was the uranium sufficiently rich (i.e. Uranium 235) for a natural nuclear reaction to occur.When these deposits were formed in the distant past, due to the slowness of the radioactive decay of U-235, the fissionable material would have constituted only 3 percent of the total deposits — something too low, mathematically speaking, for a nuclear reaction to take place.

However, a reaction took place mysteriously, suggesting that the original uranium was far richer in Uranium 235 than it is found in a natural formation.

Therefore, simply, what this reactor suggests is first of all (1) it is the process of deliberate design (2) its sophistication is indicated by its size (3) it is almost 2 billion years old, and thus (3) constitutes corroboration of the thesis that there was a very ancient high civilization right here on Earth in the mists of High Antiquity, long before modern man appears in the genetic record. Whoever was here was not of human kind or of similar entities in relation at all but that of a species which inhabited and lived on our round blue marble we call Earth for way longer potentially than we have ourselves. They would be entities of a longevity of life and centuries of years or more advanced then we are now. As the Bible says, the people would live sometimes over 1,000 years in those days giving birth to generations upon generations in order to reestablish and repopulate the Earth after a major catastrophe or series of catastrophes over time. They were living, in my beliefs, in a time where many intelligent species were inhabitants of Earth or visitors to be nosy all at once or back to back. Did extraterrestrial beings annihilate the dinosaurs with a nuclear blast as evidence has me to believe? All of the fossils up to date which come out the ground has had to be painted with thick layers of led paint to prevent radioactive sickness among those who come in contact with them. Why were they all so radioactive? The Mayan people within their art work and written Language depict a dinosaur with its flesh and scales, who did they possibly know about how they looked when all that were supposed to be left are bones? How did this civilization know anything about any of this especially the little red planet just out of reach of the naked eye? They would have had to have outsiders knowledge or a telescope and telescopes are probably out the question. They mentioned that their original home planet was somewhere amongst the Orion’s Belt star constellation and that they were punished by the other intelligent beings gor being ignorant by forcing them to live on this inhospitable planet where their original one was paradise. They said that one day the gods will descend back down from the heavens and bring them back home, then, they disappear without one single trace, all something like over 800,000 peoples whom lived and cherished what they worked hard to build, their pyramids and cities. What proud people would leave their city’s which they worked so hard to accomplish to build? Or did they? Where did they go as no surrounding inhabitants seen them leave and you’d think at least one person seen them leave and migrate elsewhere. It is mentioned that the ancient pyramids in Giza were not made by the Egyptian people but actually stumbled upon it looking for a a new home. When they found it they saw the grandeur of these magnificent structures do the head honcho, the pharaoh at that time, decided to illegitimately clams the structures as their own, as they often done in many aspects of their lives. They would attempt to erase the pharaohs before them to insinuate that they were actually the first and only pharaoh and then that they come across them they took credit for the building of seemingly incomprehensible and impossible structures. However, the facts are set in stone most times literally as in this situation where there are water erosion signatures of a time when the Sphinx was immersed somewhat deep, ankle to calf deep, in water making this not a desert and this area became full on desert it’s believed around 10,000 years ago making the Egyptians a day late and a dollar short on their rendering of their history. The Egyptian people were only around in these parts believably around 5,000 years ago or so putting them not the builders of the great sphinx and with that pretty much said as fact, it brings the pyramids into question here on whether or not they actually built them also. The pyramids are also ancient nuclear power plants of the ancients especially in Giza as where perhaps living around their gods walking areas the Sphinx they were then visited by their gods which and whom brought many gifts in exchange for they themselves being of a useful resource to them on this planet. It is said that King Tut was a short and pear shaped fellow with webbed toes and fingers. He was said to have been very fragile in regards to all the canes and such he used thorough out life and eventually died of a non-common fall from a chariot and easily causing life threatening bone breaks and lesions, pain and agony and the reason he died so young. There are many other tales of the Egyptian people having elongated heads, perhaps emulating the extraterrestrial beings enslaving them to do their bidding and happily so as the gods had purse like things in their hands which I believe was grains and seeds of all types that did end hunter gathering all together. The malformations of Tut is also said to be from what was prevalent in those days, incest. The ETs come or descended from the heavens and created mankind in his likeness, sound familiar? This was a situation where the planet was dotted by pyramids of which aliens had us develop for them because of their awkwardness physically whether from a far journey across vast distances of space rendering them jello by not working out in space everyday. They evolved into a weak but super intelligent not needing physical attributes and could accomplish anything without needing muscle. Hell, they convinced the ancient people they were gods and the people seeing all this technology and that they come from the sky, giving us grains teaching us to stay out instead of being a hunter gather being instinctively. See, I believe that all this in actually took place when the dessert was still tropical. . These balls were discovered in South Africa in deposits that gave them an approximate age by stratigraphic dating of about 3 billion years.

Across the nation agents and law across all the boards are all buzzing with something happening in the neurological sector of Unit D, which is way beyond your present day pay scales. If military is buzzing then all non-military, veterans and all, super-buzzing. Any tech-lab geek mixing chemicals in chemistry 101 with spectacular spectacles can tell you nuclear or dirty world truce besides a few led astray countries. Anything neurological is of worldwide distasteful in nature however, super labs all over the planet, are producing planet killers. Will they be let loose by human error in the labs that should never be making such a death dealing whole cocktail of planet killing plaque or mega event everyone is dead where they stand worldwide instantaneously or really close to it. A zombie holocaust? I seriously doubt it unless some super tech geek mind takeover germ or disease like the parasite which takes over the brains of snails and even makes it function via brain hack. This lab rat must be somewhat, demonic in nature mean, I personally am a non-believer in heaven or hell. He must be an in control all the time freak and dangerous playing with that which could wipe out humanity if they have a sudden fit of rage one day at his wife. Such situations must be highly monitored but I am of knowledge of there being cashes and magazines of unknown and or private unmilitary presence. Off the grid, dig your dugout, embed in and shoot the shit with the enemies incoming bombs hoping your dugout don’t become your tomb. Give yourself plenty room packed away into enemy soil hoping they don’t hit your piece of dirt thumping your back asking you if you want a case of death. To be continued….

I hope you all like a story like that of which will have mega, or Jurassic I should say, proportions of in debt and structured perspective with millions of years of being a species with history and intelligence and having close to everything figured out in so many ways on so many levels. It’s mental really…haha! And for your information I did laugh out loud right there.

The Black Death, Spanish Flu, Covid-19 then D V & now Super D V……?! What is next a lab mutation accidentally released while the lab rat is distracted.

Who wants to k is what Bitcoin will be doing as for as price and why in the next couple years?

Bitcoin will be like lightning soon

Bitcoin will be skyrocketing here very shortly. Reason for that is simple, very simple! Supply and demand!

With this a huge concept in any economy supply and demand is the balance of price and quantity within the marketplace of any government or world population. When there are an abundance of goods in the market available for one and all the prices lower and demand isn’t as highly. However if the supply is diminished and the demand is high for any given product then the cost skyrockets and demand is high.

Bitcoin is at a standstill or stagnant position within the market. People want them and demand is high but with Bitcoin it is a truly different and difficult market. There are only a certain amount out there available and yet to be available as they are mined by the world and found. There is also a set number that will ever be available to the open market.

With this being said and the technology of the beast, Bitcoin on the open market available for purchase, trade, sell or holding are consistently being loss within the blockchain itself. People die and people lose their wallets keys and or pass phrases or words and so are the coin that are in them, forever. Since they are impossible to crack due to the encryption security nature of the pass keys, etc.

One such Bitcoin wallet in the UK with over 200 million of Bitcoin which is forever locked within the owners original hard drive. This primitive, in comparison to today’s terms, was stored as broken but with the miners information all on it. It was accidentally thrown away and with a total Bitcoin amount in the hundreds of millions. He has been attempting to get the government to allow him in to search for it but due to hazardous reasons he has been rejected over and over again. This is the only way of retrieving these lost for ever Bitcoin. What are the odds of him even finding it in the first place among the potentially millions or other hard drives and other consumer garbage that the landfill holds. The weather has and the pollution as well has degraded this things anyways over two years.

This is an undeniable fact that as time passes the numbers of Bitcoin will diminish. This will cause a craze for Bitcoin as the Bitcoin available for harvest diminishes. The price has soared to 60K+ so far and this is only one Bull Run that will be tiny in comparison to the upcoming numbers that we will see in the near future, then fluctuate up and down with much room for profit in the middle. Now is the perfect time to invest and capitalize on this, stuff dreams are made of and fortunes are and will be made from.

If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

If you have 1$ you too can and will be a millionaire, my personal mission!

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